Your Opinion Counts
By Rep. Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville)

It is my privilege to represent each of you in the Ohio House of Representatives.

The changes in the laws that the Legislature contemplates, in an effort to better the lives of all Ohioans, are complex and many-sided. For many issues, there are compelling arguments for and against it.

As my constituent, your thoughts and opinions based upon your experiences help me to shape my own views on an issue. Ultimately, though we may disagree, I am thankful for what I learn from you.
Last month I spent the small postage stipend that I receive as your Representative, and mailed a short survey to a computer-generated segment of my constituency. (I am sorry that I cannot reach out to each of you this way).

The outpouring of responses received has been impressive. The handwritten notes, most of them respectful, are precious to me. I will carry these opinions with me as we navigate the issues at the Statehouse.

Here are the survey questions. I would be pleased to hear from you. Please note the same questions and comments below can also be found online at:

1) Do you believe that Ohio's economy has improved during the past year?

2) Do you believe that the State of Ohio should expand Medicaid rolls to serve an additional 275,000 people who are currently uninsured?

3) Do you believe that the State of Ohio should reduce the overall sales tax by half a percent and make up the additional revenue by extending the taxes to services?

4) The Governor's education plan calls for the establishment of the "Straight A Fund" which will give school districts the possibility of earning one-time grant money for innovative classroom and efficiency practices. Do you support the creation of this fund?

5) Do you support requiring registered Ohio voters to present photo identification when voting on election day?

6) Additional comments:

You may mail your responses to me at 77 South High Street, District 86, Columbus, OH 43215-6111, or email them to

In service to you,

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