After passing within the Ohio House a few weeks ago, the Truth in COVID-19 Statistics Bill has now been assigned to the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee and is awaiting its first hearing, which has yet to be scheduled. The legislation seeks to gather more specifics on the figures being released by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) as it relates to the coronavirus. 

State Rep. Diane Grendell (R-Chesterland) is the primary sponsor of the bill when she introduced it back in May, which later went on to pass out of the House on June 10.

“I’m excited to see the advancement of this legislation,” said Grendell. “Ohioans are in support of this bill as it is important for them to get the full truth and scope of all the details surrounding the decisions being made by the administration, as it crucially affects their public health, livelihoods, and schools.”

During the committee process, many proponents submitted supporting testimony regarding the bill. The legislation faced no opposition while in the House State and Local Government Committee.

While the Truth in COVID-19 Statistics Bill has been assigned, it has not yet received a first hearing date. Senator William Coley II serves as the Chair of the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee, to contact his office to pass this bill through committee, please call (614) 466-8072 or visit the committee’s website at to contact individual committee members.

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