Today was another step forward for State Rep. Diane Grendell’s (R-Chesterland) bill protecting first responders, doctors, nurses, businesses, and individuals from unwarranted COVID-19 litigation.

The Ohio Senate today voted to pass House Bill 606, the Good Samaritan Expansion Bill, which ensures civil immunity to the health care community, businesses, schools, and individuals from lawsuits arising out of the pandemic. 

“I am very pleased to see my colleagues within the other chamber support House Bill 606 so diligently,” said Grendell. “We must ensure these frontline workers and individuals are protected and I’m anticipating the House to continue legislative action on this bill when we return to session.”

During the Senate session pertaining to the legislation, Senator Eklund thanked Grendell for her hard work on the Good Samaritan Expansion Bill and for moving it through so quickly within the House.

House Bill 606 passed in the Senate with an emergency clause by a vote of 22-6.

The legislation will now have to come back to the House for further action.

“I am thankful to everyone for their efforts in moving this important legislation forward,” added Grendell.

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