Today, State Rep. Diane Grendell (R-Chesterland) had the opportunity to speak at the opening of the Blue Heron Preserve, located in Burton, Ohio. The event marked the beginning of allowing the public to utilize the preserves’ outside space as the state and nation continues to battle the ongoing threat of COVID-19.

Grendell spoke about the importance of public parks at the event amid the health crisis.

“I do believe our parks, perhaps now more than ever, are so important and are even more crucial to our public health as they provide an outdoor setting for recreation to all Ohioans as we continue to combat COVID-19,” said Grendell.

Grendell also acknowledged how the Clean Ohio Greenspace Conservation Fund plays a crucial role in the upkeep of the state’s parks, referencing supporting recent legislation that allocates funding toward the program.

“…the package also appropriates $37.5 million in funding for the state’s public works loan program and the Clean Ohio Conservation Program,” added Grendell.

Grendell also noted some of the priorities of the program, which includes:

  • Supporting comprehensive open space planning;

  • Enhancing eco-tourism and economic development related to outdoor recreation in economically challenges areas;

  • Providing pedestrian or bicycle passageways between natural areas and preserves;

  • Providing safe areas for fishing, hunting, and trapping in a manner that provides a balanced eco-system; and

  • Pushing for other positive initiatives that preserves parks and other important ecological areas across our state.

The Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program is dedicated to environmental conservation including acquisition of green space and the protection and enhancement of river and stream corridors. 

The event was hosted by the Western Reserve Land Conservancy as they invited Grendell and other local leaders to attend.

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