Clyde Statement On Court Order Reinstating Voting Rights For Purged Voters
Calls reversal a major victory for voters
Posted August 02, 2018 by Minority Caucus

State Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) today issued a statement following a recent federal court order requiring Secretary Husted to issue a directive reinstating the “APRI exception.” The court-ordered directive will require purged voters’ ballots to be counted in the upcoming central Ohio congressional race that will occur next Tuesday, August 7.

“Secretary Husted’s overly-aggressive purge process of infrequent voters tarnishes the integrity of our elections and attacks our most fundamental right,” said Rep. Clyde. “With this order, the voting rights of thousands of Ohio voters targeted by this administration will be restored. Like the 7,500 Ohioans who were able to have their ballots counted under this rule in 2016, voters in the upcoming special congressional election can rest assured that they, too, will have their voices heard. This is a major victory for Ohio voters who have said loud and clear ‘Stop the purge.’”

“I urge the secretary to keep working with the anti-purging voter advocates in this case to extend this order to cover the fall election, too. Purged voters who remain eligible to vote should have their ballots counted, not thrown out. They followed the rules but because of bureaucratic red tape, their voices aren't being heard.”

The court order is dealing with a lingering issue from the 2016 lawsuit APRI v. Husted which challenged the purging of infrequent voters and was decided in June of this year by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled that the so-called “Supplemental Process” was permitted but not required by federal law. But questions remain over whether the purges conducted under this process in past years were done with proper notice to voters.

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