Small businesses are a crucial cornerstone of Ohio’s economy. In order to fuel this business sector, the Ohio House has prioritized business-friendly policies, making our state more attractive to own and operate a company. Just recently, Secretary of State Jon Husted announced that this past March was the best month for new business filings in Ohio’s history, with over 33,000 entities taking the first steps toward starting their own company.

In the 131st General Assembly, the state legislature reduced the filing fees to do business by 21 percent. Since that change took effect, Ohio businesses have saved over $3.6 million. On top of that, through the last budget, small businesses saw income tax deductions and a low, flat tax of 3 percent on establishments above the $250,000 income level. This keeps more money in the hands of our small business owners and allows them to reinvest in their companies. One such company in the 16th Ohio House District that has surely benefited from these changes is Logan Clutch Corporation.

Based in Westlake, Ohio, Logan Clutch is a small business that has global impact. Founded in 1975, Logan Clutch is a family-owned original equipment manufacturer, focusing primarily on industrial clutches and brakes. They employ just under 50 full-time and part-time employees, but have sales agents and distributors across the United States, China, Singapore and throughout Europe. One of the most important benefits that small businesses add to the economy is the job stability and creation they give to everyday Ohioans.

Logan Clutch is first and foremost a manufacturer, but the company has an impact on a number of industries: marine, industrial, irrigation, oil and gas, and mobile equipment. For example, the company produced the clutches utilized on firefighting boats in San Francisco, modernizing the technology behind the boats’ ability to pump thousands of gallons of water efficiently in an earthquake situation. They also supply clutches that are used in most airport snow blowers and airport air rescue firefighting trucks across the country, including Chicago O’Hare, Buffalo, and Cleveland’s own Hopkins. Ohio’s national standing and competitiveness are aided by companies like Logan Clutch, who are at the forefront of manufacturing technology and are essential to bringing Ohio’s manufacturing industry back to life.

Ohio’s growth and development depends on our small businesses—the entities that are continuously on the brink of revolutionary technology. In the case of Logan Clutch Corporation, its experience in the marine industry is a boon to the Great Lakes region. As they continue to research new ways to support and improve the health and sustainability of the lakes, their economic impact on Ohio will endure. Logan Clutch is one of countless small businesses that contribute to our state’s fiscal health, but their effect on the many families they employ is something to be truly proud of.


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