COLUMBUS- This week the Ohio Board of Regents announced plans to allow undocumented immigrants with temporary legal status to pay in-state tuition rates at all Ohio public universities. This decision will affect the many immigrants living, working and paying taxes across Ohio who arrived to the country as children through no doing of their own. Rep. Ramos (D-Lorain) released the following statement upon hearing news of the decision:

 “I’m happy to applaud the actions taken by the Ohio Board of Regents, which will help to better the lives of these children and young adults who are American in every way except paperwork.”

 “Quite frankly, if these Ohio residents want to better themselves by pursuing higher education and better our state by helping to develop the workforce we desperately need to attract businesses and jobs, then providing them with in-state tuition is the least our state can do to aide this endeavor.”

 “DREAMers will now be able to manifest their aspirations of becoming doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, bankers—and the list goes on. The doors of opportunity are beginning to open for these individuals, and I am encouraged by the positive impact it will have on our great state and nation.”

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