The Ohio House Wednesday passed legislation to ban high stakes decisions, like promotion to the next grade or refusing course credit, based on students’ scores on achievement tests administered this school year. State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) released the following statement in response to the passage of the legislation, House Bill 7:

“If we want to level the playing field for all of our kids and make sure they get the best education in order to compete for the jobs of the future, we need to take a critical look at the balance between testing and classroom instruction time.

“However, this bill is a bandaid; it is temporary. I hope this is only the beginning of our discussion about how we can do right by our students and teachers by making sure our kids have every opportunity to get a world-class education. It is critical that we address the amount of time students spend on standardized testing in our schools, not just for this year, but to promote success in the future as well.”

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