LIMA,OH – Rep. Ramos released the following statement regarding Gov. John Kasich’s State of the State address:

 “I was heartened to see the Governor speak to the vital importance of expanding Medicaid services and taking advantage of this crucial component of the President’s Affordable Care Act. For so many in Lorain County, and across the state, this will increase their access to primary care services and reduce the strain on our healthcare system as a whole. I am hopeful he will remain strong in facing opposition from his party in the General Assembly to see this goal through.

 “Looking past the Medicaid expansion, however, I have a number of concerns. Governor Kasich spoke about increasing the need to increase funding for education in poorer areas, but at the same time he endorsed failed programs that funnel those dollars away from the public school systems and into the hands of unaccountable charter schools.

 “The Governor spoke at length about the need to lower taxes on small businesses, but he championed the expansion of a more broadened sales tax which will disproportionately impact the working and middle class families in our state and harm their ability to purchase these businesses services. Additionally, he laughed of those who are advocating that we attract good paying jobs by using state surplus dollars to invest in infrastructure and other vital services and instead continued to promote the bonding of our turnpike. Bonding that could create instability for business by constant prospect of increased fares and uncertain quality of the road.

 “Quite simply, the Governor’s State of the State address showed that he remains as ready as ever to shift the burden of taxes from those the shoulders of those who have to the shoulders of those who have not.

“The Governor says he is for reducing the tax burden, but what he means is he is for reducing the tax burden on the wealthiest of Ohioans. Under this plan the top one percent in Ohio will pay $10,000 less in income tax each year, but Ohio’s working and middle class families will pay more. If you want to go bowling, there’s a tax for that, if you want to take your kid to the circus, there’s a tax for that, if you want to take your family on a vacation, there’s a tax for that.

“Quite simply, this governor’s regressive tax policy will hurt Ohio families and hurt Ohio business.” 

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