State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today commented on Gov. John Kasich’s veto of House Bill (HB) 554, legislation to change Ohio’s energy efficiency standards to unenforceable “goals” through 2019:

“Governor John Kasich was right to veto House Bill 554, which would have extended the freeze on the state’s renewable energy standards. When the legislature froze Ohio’s energy standards, we were the first jurisdiction in the world to implement standards and then later pause them.

“The Republican-controlled legislature should not have frozen the standards in the first place, and I firmly believe the governor should not have signed the freeze in the first place. Doing so dried up investment in the renewable energy sector, as so many of us warned that it would.

“That, however, is the past, and it is important we keep this freeze in the past. We must restore our renewable energy standards in hopes that we can restart the renewable energy sector and attract the bountiful jobs they create. The governor's veto of HB 554 will allow the previous standards to resume on January 1. I strongly support this veto.”

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