Rep. Ramos: Kasich's Top-Down Policies Cause Ohioans To Struggle
Misplaced priorities continue to hinder economic recovery, cause Ohio to trail the nation
March 07, 2014
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Friday's revised job numbers reveal that Ohio’s economic recovery continues to trail the nation’s and that the past two years have been significantly worse than what was previously reported.

“Governor Kasich’s approach to job creation, secrecy and tax breaks for millionaires, continues to put middle and working class Ohioans at a disadvantage,” said Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain). “Gov. Kasich’s top-down economic policies and historic cuts to local schools and communities have stalled our economy. These misplaced priorities have caused us to fall behind as the nation recovers. The Governor has claimed an economic ‘miracle,’ but the revised numbers show that average Ohioans have been struggling all along.”

Revised data for 2012 and 2013 show Ohio’s official unemployment rate remained considerably higher than previous reports, at times up to six-tenths of a point higher.

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