Rep. Ramos Applauds US Commerce Decision On Unfair Steel Trade Practices
Additional tariffs on foreign steel to protect Ohio workers
July 15, 2014
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State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today praised the decision of the US Commerce Department to enact additional duties on illegally subsidized steel that was threatening steel manufacturers in Lorain County and throughout Ohio.  Ramos has been encouraging the Commerce Department to come to this conclusion at local rallies, as well as on national television. 

Late last week, the Commerce Department stated that the manipulation of steel costs by the governments of South Korea and eight other countries was hurting American steelworkers who could not compete with the artificial prices.

“I am proud to have stood alongside the United Steelworkers and US Steel in calling for tariffs against this illegal dumping. Chinese dumping almost bankrupt the entire American Steel Industry just a decade ago,” Ramos said. “I’m glad to see they realized that Korea was trying to do the same thing.”

Many Ohio steel manufacturers also supported the Commerce Department’s decision, citing over 100 jobs in Ohio that had been lost because of the foreign government-subsidized steel taking place.

“Steel has been part of our life-blood in Lorain. It’s our past and it’s our present,” said Ramos. “By leveling the playing field, we can continue to compete with the rest of the world and make steel our future too.”

Last year, South Korea sold more than $800 million worth of these steel tubes at a cost below fair value to the United States. Because of last week’s decision, foreign steel will be tariffed at a rate between 9.89 and 15.75 percent. 

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