Ramos Responds To Hearing On Unemployment Compensation Bill
Says burden of debt is being placed unfairly on backs of working people
January 12, 2016
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State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today commented on House Bill 394, legislation to cut unemployment compensation which received a fourth hearing this morning in the House Insurance Committee:

"First and foremost, people who have been laid off are there through no fault of their own. They want to work. They've been working,” said Rep. Ramos. “We have a situation in Lorain where laid-off steel workers are coming to the end of their current lay-offs only to see the mills laying off more people. This will have a direct impact on my constituents and the entire community. Slashing eligibility and increasing the waiting period will harm vulnerable working families as they navigate a tough time and search for a new job.”? 

This week’s hearing on HB 394 comes on the heels of news that two Lorain steel companies will be laying of hundreds of workers in Northeast Ohio. Just last week, Republic Steel announced that the company is temporarily idling its rolling mill operations in Lorain and plans to lay off about 200 people over the next few months. U.S. Steel also confirmed they will be laying off workers starting this week, with the number of active employees in Lorain expected to drop from 337 to 76 by next month.  

The House Insurance Committee considered a dozen amendments during today’s hearing. House Bill 394 is expected to receive another hearing and possibly a committee vote in the coming weeks. 

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