State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) released the following statement today in response to news that U.S. Steel will close Line #6 at Lorain’s U.S. Steel mill: 

“I am deeply disappointed that yet another line is closing here in Lorain. Steel has long been an important driver of our local and state economy, and I am concerned by the social and economic challenges new closures present to our community.  

“Additionally, though, I am concerned that Washington hasn’t moved in any significant way to battle the dumping of foreign steel, a leading cause in the decline of the domestic steel industry. This federal inaction is particularly troubling given President Trump’s frequent promises to bring back manufacturing jobs and revitalize the domestic steel industry. 

“I will be writing the president to ask him to make American steel a priority, not just a talking point. If President Trump wants to put “America First”, he can start here. I want him to understand this is not just an economic issue, but a national security issue as well. Our community needs leadership from the White House and Congressional leaders, and we haven’t gotten it.”  

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