Representative Daniel Ramos - House District 56

11.05.18 - State Continues To Dodge Longstanding Ohio Election Day Law


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) last Thursday called on state leaders to follow the longstanding Ohio law that recognizes Election Day from noon to 5:30 p.m. as a legal state holiday in the Buckeye State. The legal holiday designation for Election Day was reaffirmed in 1953, but has been state law for 128 years, dating back to Gov. James Edwin Campbell’s signature of Senate Bill 174 in the 69th Ohio General Assembly.

“The fact is that part of Election Day has been a legal holiday in Ohio for 128 years.  We simply have not been following the law,” wrote Ramos in a letter to Gov. John Kasich and Republican legislative leaders.* “I am requesting that you use the power of your office to follow Chapter 5.20 of the General Provisions of the Ohio Revised Code to close state offices not related to elections on Election Day at noon.”


10.24.18 - Rep. Ramos Applauds Supreme Court Decision To Hear House Bill 70 Appeal


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today responded to the Ohio Supreme Court announcement that it will hear the Youngstown Board of Education’s appeal against House Bill (HB) 70. This hearing will be the latest chapter in an ongoing legal battle brought forth by the Board since HB 70 became law in July 2015.

“The Constitution of the United States and Ohio both espouse the principle that in our democracy, we are governed by elected representatives,” said Ramos. “By taking away power of the elected school boards and giving it to appointed boards, with no oversight by the people, through elections, House Bill 70 flies in the face of that constitutional intent. I'm glad the Ohio Supreme Court is looking into the constitutionality of this legislation. I opposed it when it passed, and oppose it today. Our schools should be governed by the board elected by the people. That is how democracies are supposed to work.”


09.19.18 - Rep. Ramos Introduces Legislation To Protect Ohio Workers From Asbestos


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today introduced legislation to require the Ohio EPA director to adopt rules to enforce current federal regulations pertaining to the use of asbestos in new construction. This legislation follows the Trump administration’s recent move to weaken the longstanding framework that determines the risk and appropriate use of toxic chemicals, such as asbestos.

“Far too many people – hardworking people – in the district I represent and around Ohio have died from unnecessary asbestos exposure,” said Ramos. “The existing regulation has been incredibly successful in preventing asbestos-related illness, so it makes no sense to me why the Trump administration is attempting to dismantle this rule now.”


08.29.18 - Rep. Ramos Decries Federal Emergency Relief Inaction After Report Shows Hurricane Maria Death Toll Nears 3,000


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today responded to a new report that shows Hurricane Maria is responsible for the deaths of 2,975 American citizens in Puerto Rico, becoming one of the deadliest natural disasters in modern U.S. history.

“It is an absolute travesty that Maria’s actual death count is now 46 times higher than originally reported,” said Ramos. “As an American, and as a Puerto Rican descendant, I am heartbroken by our federal government’s inaction and overall mismanagement following last September’s historic hurricane. Unless we take action to provide emergency relief, this unprecedented devastation to the island will be remembered as one of the most deadly natural disaster for American citizens.”


06.07.18 - Ramos: Bill To Modernize Ohio Voting Equipment Passes House


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today applauded the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 135, which would invest more than $100 million in state funds for Ohio counties to purchase new, modern voting equipment. SB 135 also appropriates $10 million to reimburse counties who purchased new voting systems on or after January 1, 2014. Voting systems, including voting machines, marking devices, automatic tabulating equipment, direct recording electronic voting machines and associated allowable expenditures, would be covered under the bill.


06.06.18 - Ramos: After Some Two Months, Ohio House Expected To Resume Session Under Narrowly-elected Speaker


After nearly two months of a Republican-led legislative impasse, the Ohio House is expected to resume legislative activity following today’s narrow, marathon election of new House Speaker Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell). Chaos and dysfunction have plagued the legislature since the abrupt resignation of former Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville), after he announced he was under FBI inquiry in April. Federal agents have since raided Rosenberger’s home, his state office and storage shed, as rumors of pay-to-play tactics on payday lending reform legislation continue to churn.


05.23.18 - Rep. Ramos Statement On Ohio House Cancelling Speakership Vote


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today released the following statement following the Ohio House majority’s decision to cancel House session for the fourth time in a row, postponing the contentious election of the House Speaker and effectively tabling progress for any legislation indefinitely:


05.17.18 - Ramos Proposes Tuition Coverage For Ohio College Students


As Ohio college students don their caps and gowns this month, many will leave school with mountains of debt for four-year degrees. In fact, Ohio families and students face the highest burden of student loan debt in the nation, with the Buckeye State ranking 45th nationally for college affordability. With college out of reach for too many families and students, state Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today introduced legislation to cover 90 percent of the cost for students to attend public college in Ohio. The Ohio Lets Everyone Achieve Right Now (LEARN) tax credit would make Ohio the first state to make college truly affordable for all students.


05.16.18 - Ramos To Propose Tuition Coverage For Ohio College Students


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) will hold a press conference tomorrow, Thursday, May 17 at 10:00 a.m. in the Harding Press Room at the Ohio Statehouse to discuss his proposed legislation to create the Ohio Lets Everyone Achieve Right Now (LEARN) tax credit, which would be made available to students and families looking at ways to control soaring college tuition costs.


05.03.18 - Rep. Ramos Introduces Bill To Better Assist Veterans Fleeing Natural Disasters


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today introduced legislation to better assist veterans displaced by hurricane Maria and other natural disasters by providing faster assistance from County Veterans Services.

“Although we can’t stop the rain, we should be able to stop our veterans from undue suffering and hardship,” said Ramos. “As tornado season has already begun, and as hurricane season nears, this will continue to be an issue for many veterans resettling in Ohio as a result of natural disasters outside their control. If a veteran moves to a new community after losing their home or possessions because of a hurricane, tornado or earthquake, we should help them right away when they need it most.”


03.16.18 - Ramos Introduces Medical Research Fund Bill For Incurable Diseases


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today introduced House Bill (HB) 556, the Frances Lewandowski Memorial Medical Research Fund. This fund will require the Chancellor of the Department of Higher Education to set up a grant program that medical research universities may compete for to conduct medical research for chronic, terminal or currently incurable diseases.

“Far too many have experienced the loss of a loved one at the hands of an incurable, debilitating disease,” said Ramos “Whether the villain is Alzheimer’s, dementia, ALS, MS, or cancer, the outcome is too often the same; a beloved family member is gone too soon, a hole is left in our families and the State of Ohio has done little to incentivize ground-breaking research to prevent such tragedies.”


03.07.18 - Ramos: Governor Failed To Present Any New Solutions To Real Ohio Problems


State Representative Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today responded to Governor Kasich’s final State of the State.  House Democrats noted Ohio’s continued downward slide in key quality of life factors like education, healthcare and opportunity for working families to get ahead under the governor’s watch.


01.09.18 - With Hundreds Of School Pipes Contaminated, State Lawmakers Press For Domestic Steel


State Reps. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) and John Boccieri (D-Poland) today renewed their call for their legislation to mandate the use of domestic steel in schools amid state reports showing that ten percent of school drinking water fixtures had elevated levels of lead last year. The state testing of school water fountains was included in legislation that passed in the wake of the lead contamination crisis in Sebring last year. Boccieri and Ramos introduced House Bill 57 soon after the crisis to require that all schools receiving public funding use American steel in school construction and renovations.

“This problem is even more widespread that we could have imagined. Our children are being put in harm’s way by importing cheaply made foreign goods, containing dangerous chemicals.  We have to do something right away to protect our kids,” said Ramos.

State reports showed that over 1,400 out of 14,000 Ohio school drinking water fixtures contained lead levels above the federal limit. School districts recently completed their voluntary testing with funding from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). So far, the OFCC has released $500,000 for testing and drinking fountain or faucet replacement. Approximately half of the fixtures found to be contaminated have been replaced, while the rest have been shut off or are otherwise unused.

“Any number of contaminated fixtures in our schools presenting health risks to young students means we still have a problem,” said Boccieri. “We need to do more to eliminate lead contamination and protect the safety of our kids. Requiring the use of safe, American steel in our school infrastructure is one way to start getting there.”

China’s illegal over-subsidizing of their steel industry has given it a competitive advantage in markets, but has also resulted in a cheap product that is not up to American standards. Boccieri noted there have been multiple reports of faulty Chinese steel causing health and safety risks in the U.S.

HB 57 had one hearing last year in the House Labor and Economic Development Committee. The bill has 19 cosponsors, including the Chairman of the committee where the bill is being heard. 


01.04.18 - Rep. Ramos Statement On Sessions Move To Crackdown On Legal Marijuana


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today released a statement following U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to reverse an Obama-era policy that instructed federal law enforcement to take a hands off approach on the legal sale and possession of marijuana in states which approved its use.


11.03.17 - Rep. Ramos Testifies In Support Of DACA


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) testified this week in the House Federalism and Interstate Commerce Committee in support of House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 15, which would call President Trump to immediately restore the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Rep. Ramos introduced HCR 15 in response to the Trump administration’s September decision to end the program.


09.05.17 - Ramos Responds To Trump Administration's Recent DACA Repeal


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today voiced objections to the Trump Administration’s recent decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The program allowed for certain undocumented immigrants who were brought to the United States as children to receive a work permit and a renewable two-year reprieve from deportation.

“It is unconscionable for President Trump to end the DACA program, essentially calling for the deportation of well over 800,000 children and young adults who were raised here. America is the only home they’ve ever known. The America I know isn’t a nation where we punish children for their parents’ actions.


07.06.17 - Ramos: GOP Bill To Weaken Concealed Carry Protections Puts Public Safety In The Crosshairs


In a political effort to hamstring Ohio House Democratic lawmakers in a pro-gun, anti-gun debate today on the House floor, Republicans brought forward House Bill (HB) 233 for a vote, legislation that allows concealed carry permit holders to knowingly bring guns or deadly weapons into daycares, schools, airports, bars and other restricted spaces, so long as the permit holder leaves when asked to do so. Individuals who refuse to leave or return to the same business while carrying a prohibited weapon within 30 days will be subject to a fourth degree misdemeanor.

“This isn’t just a solution looking for a problem, but it is creating a whole new set of public safety problems by overturning Ohio laws designed to keep us safe and secure,” said House Democratic Leader Fred Strahorn (D-Dayton). “This will trample private property rights of business owners and create confusion in secure locations like airports, police stations, schools and daycares. As a gun owner and strong second amendment supporter, I think Ohioans deserve to feel safe and secure, free from the fear of intimidation or tragedies this bill could create,” added Strahorn.


06.28.17 - Ramos: State's Fake Budget Built On Broken Economic Outlook, Six Years Of Few Results And Empty Job Promises


Amid a more than $1 billion financial shortfall, Ohio’s legislative Republicans pushed state budget negotiations closer to the brink Tuesday and today with eleventh hour horse-trading over a Medicaid lockout and complex money maneuvers, leaving Gov. John Kasich less than 48 hours to review the state budget, House Bill 49, before the start of the new fiscal year.

“This budget is a disaster. Ohio has some very real problems which are growing as our economy continues to stagnate,” said state Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain). “This budget continues the same failed policies that have gotten us here in the first place: lack of state funding making college unaffordable, and underfunded schools and communities. These polices haven't helped Ohio and now Republicans want to take away future access to healthcare from some half a million Ohioans.”   


05.17.17 - Ramos: GOP Packs Workers' Comp Budget With Attacks On Workers


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today voted “no” on the Republican-led charge to restrict workers’ access to healthcare and benefits through the state’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) budget bill, House Bill 27. The bill passed the House Insurance Committee and the House Finance Committee on a party-line vote Tuesday. 

GOP lawmakers undertook a significant rewrite of what is typically a noncontroversial budget bill to include benefit restrictions on firefighters with cancer, a loophole for big corporations who hire undocumented workers, and a legal nod to the state’s largest failing online charter school and GOP campaign fundraiser, ECOT. 

New restrictions also halve the amount of time workers currently have to file a claim, something Democrats say could economically destabilizes thousands of Ohio families. 

“If the workplace is unsafe for one employee, regardless of status or documentation, it’s unsafe for all employees. It’s unsafe, period. We cannot allow unscrupulous employers to hire people knowing they can cut corners by not paying worker protection premiums for undocumented workers, effectively refusing to take responsibility should those workers suffer an injury on the job,” said Ramos. “In addition, I am concerned that this bill exacerbates the condition that makes all Latinos – regardless of documentation – feel as though they can’t turn to the authorities if they’ve been wronged, whether that wrong is a workplace injury or the drug dealer down the street.” 


05.02.17 - Ramos: Ohio House Pushes Unfinished, Unbalanced State Budget Off On Senate


Before new state economic indicators come out Thursday, the Ohio House today passed a version of the state’s two-year budget, House Bill (HB) 49, that remains hundreds of millions of dollars out of balance, if not more. The vote comes a little more than two weeks after Gov. Kasich and GOP legislative leaders announced they would need to cut close to $1 billion from the bill to maintain a stable, balanced budget. Still, the final version of House Bill 49 approved largely along party lines today fell over $400 million short of being a balanced budget bill by that standard. 

Democratic members argued that passing an unbalanced budget not only violated their constitutional oath, but was fiscally irresponsible and would jeopardize Ohio’s already weak economy.

“I worry that the budget we voted on today is an illusion. Republican leaders promised to cut $800 million to balance the state budget, but failed to make the tough decisions necessary and instead kicked the can down the road to the Senate,” said Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain). “What is not an illusion are the results of six years of GOP tax-shifting in Lorain, where we are losing jobs and workers are earning below-average wages. We need a real, balanced budget that invests in the middle class and moves Ohio away from the verge of a recession, not more broken promises.”   


04.05.17 - Ramos: With Ohio "on The Verge Of Recession" Kasich Fails To Address Real State Of The State


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) tonight expressed disappointment in Gov. Kasich’s state of the state address, saying the governor failed to provide 11 million Ohioans an explanation on why the state is on “the verge of a recession” after six years under his leadership. The lawmaker also noted that the governor’s budget failed to adequately address the real state of the economy, education, healthcare and recent drastic state cuts to communities in Ohio.

“Once again, the governor and majority party are saying one thing while proposing something else,” said Ramos. “He can’t say college is unaffordable while not talking about increasing need based aid. He can't say we're not preparing our kids while not providing basic support for public schools. And he certainly can’t talk about the heroin epidemic without seriously funding treatment for addicted people in their communities when they need it. We don’t need a list of problems, we need real solutions that we have yet to see on these important issues.”


03.30.17 - Ramos: Advanced Energy Standards Repeal Threatens Jobs, Growth, Stability


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today criticized the passage of House Bill (HB) 114, saying legislation that changes the state’s advanced energy standards to unenforceable “goals” will harm consumers and jeopardize thousands of manufacturing and development jobs in Ohio’s advanced energy industry and other industries that increasingly want and rely on advanced energy sources. 

“Ohio’s strength has always come from building what the world wants – from cars, to ships, to steel. Now, the world also wants alternative energy technologies, and I want them to be built here in Ohio, by Ohioans,” said Ramos. “Unfortunately, the passage of this bill makes that a whole lot less likely. Policies that are good for the planet are in fact good for job growth. Ignoring that reality hurts Ohio’s economy, health and future.” 


03.10.17 - Ramos Responds To Closure Of Line #6 At Lorain US Steel Mill


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) released the following statement today in response to news that U.S. Steel will close Line #6 at Lorain’s U.S. Steel mill: 

“I am deeply disappointed that yet another line is closing here in Lorain. Steel has long been an important driver of our local and state economy, and I am concerned by the social and economic challenges new closures present to our community.  


03.09.17 - Rep. Ramos Honors First African American Baseball Player


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today applauded the recent passage of House Bill 59, legislation to honor Moses Fleetwood Walker, the nation’s first professional African American baseball player. The bill, co-sponsored by Rep. Ramos, designates Walker’s birthday of October 7 as “Moses Fleetwood Walker Day” in the state of Ohio.

“Walker overcame prejudice and discrimination to break into professional baseball nearly a century before civil rights and only a few short decades after the end of slavery,” said Ramos. “His legacy is a lesson about judging people by their abilities, not their outward appearance. I hope this legislation will help current and future generations of Ohioans to remain mindful of this important lesson.”


03.06.17 - Ramos Condemns Anti-Semitic Vandalism Targeting Lorain Synagogue


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today issued the following statement in response to reports that vandals recently defaced Lorain’s Agudath B’nai Israel (ABI) Synagogue with a swastika and hate speech:  

“I was shocked and dismayed to hear of the recent act of vandalism against Agudath B’nai Israel in Lorain. These disgusting, hateful and ignorant actions are not in any way reflective of our community’s values. 

“This type of senseless anti-Semitism should rightfully be condemned by all reasonable, thinking people, and I do so today. I am disgusted, and frankly embarrassed, that this has come to our town – but I am heartened by the outpouring of support for ABI by the vast majority of the Lorain community. 


03.02.17 - Ramos Announces Bipartisan Bill To Modernize State Domestic Violence Laws Clears Ohio House


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today announced the recent House passage of House Bill (HB) 1, bipartisan legislation to modernize Ohio’s domestic violence laws. Joint-sponsored by Reps. Emilia Strong Sykes (D-Akron) and Nathan Manning (R-N. Ridgeville), HB 1 will allow victims of dating violence to obtain civil protective orders against their attacker, a protection currently allowed in every state except Ohio and Georgia.

“I’m delighted to be a cosponsor on this important bill,” said Ramos. “It’s a travesty, frankly, that it hasn’t happened already. I hope Senate Leadership calls House Bill 1 for a vote this year, since they failed to do so last year despite unanimous passage out of the House.”


03.01.17 - Ramos: State Needs Innovative Infrastructure Plan To Drive Economic Growth In Ohio


In an 83-13 vote, the Ohio House today approved the proposed budget plans for the Ohio Department of Transportation and several other state agencies. House Bill 26, the $7.8 billion transportation bill, largely funds infrastructure projects and public safety programs over the next two fiscal years.

“We need to adequately fund a truly modern transportation system that allows all Ohioans to get to and from work, school, the grocery store and medical appointments. Ohio’s transportation budget must include comprehensive funding for roads, bridges, sidewalks, complete streets and public transit if we want to modernize our economy. Instead, this budget retains the old transportation system that only worked for the old economy,” said State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain). “Sometimes, getting Ohioans back to work means actually getting them there. Additionally, investing in our future means investing in transportation options our younger generations prefer to encourage them to stay in Ohio to build their lives and careers here. This budget doesn't do any of that. I voted no, because we need to invest in a holistic transportation system for all Ohioans.”


01.31.17 - Ramos Tapped To Lead Higher Education Finance Panel For House Dems


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today announced he will serve as the top Democrat of the House Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education for the new legislative session.   

“Affordability and accessibility of quality higher education is the great equalizer in our economy,” said Ramos. “A college degree is so often the gateway for Ohioans out of poverty and into the middle class – but that can only happen if students can afford to start and complete their degree without being saddled with a lifetime of debt.” 


01.26.17 - Ohio Seeks To Join National Popular Vote Interstate Compact To Restore Citizen's Democracy


State Reps. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) and David Leland (D-Columbus) earlier this week announced the reintroduction of legislation that proposes Ohio join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a group of states that pledge their entire Electoral College delegation to the winner of the national popular vote during the general election.

“This is a change that is long overdue. Two-thirds of the presidents elected in my adult life will have been chosen by the Electoral College in their first term without receiving the majority vote,” said Ramos. “Our current framework does not respect the direct will of the people. This is patently undemocratic and undermines confidence in the people that we are truly a democracy.”


12.27.16 - Rep. Ramos Responds To Gov. Kasich's Veto Of Restrictive Renewable-energy Standards


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today commented on Gov. John Kasich’s veto of House Bill (HB) 554, legislation to change Ohio’s energy efficiency standards to unenforceable “goals” through 2019:

“Governor John Kasich was right to veto House Bill 554, which would have extended the freeze on the state’s renewable energy standards. When the legislature froze Ohio’s energy standards, we were the first jurisdiction in the world to implement standards and then later pause them. 


12.07.16 - Ramos: Eleventh-hour Lawmaking Brings Strictest Abortion Ban In The Nation To Kasich's Desk


Eleventh-hour lawmaking brought the strictest abortion ban in the nation to Gov. John Kasich’s desk this evening, for his signature into law. With U.S. Senate inaction giving way to a pending U.S. Supreme Court justice appointment from President-elect Donald Trump, Ohio Republicans appear to be counting on a new federal bench to re-litigate the constitutionality of their attacks on women’s health care. But Roe v. Wade is settled law upheld most recently by the Whole Women’s Health decision which overturned undue burdens on women’s access to abortion.

The unprecedented six-week abortion ban was amended into House Bill 493, legislation that strengthens Ohio’s child abuse reporting system. The last-minute amendment comes as the legislature closes out the 131st General Assembly on Thursday. 

“At some point in this country we must accept and agree that women are people and capable of making their own decisions about their own bodies.  It’s clear, at least in the Ohio House, the Republican Majority is not there yet.”  –State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain)


12.06.16 - Ramos: Ohio Legislature Threatens Job Growth With Energy Standard Redo


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today criticized the passage of House Bill (HB) 554, saying legislation that changes the state’s energy efficiency standards to unenforceable “goals” through 2019 will harm consumers and jeopardize thousands of manufacturing and development jobs in Ohio’s advanced energy industry. 

“It is no secret that global temperatures have risen and CO2 is at a higher level than has ever existed in the history of humanity,” said Ramos. “Climate change is not just an issue for the next generation, this is an issue for our own.” 


12.01.16 - Dems Join National Popular Vote Interstate Compact To Restore Citizen's Democracy


State Reps. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) and David Leland (D-Columbus) today announced they plan to introduce new legislation aimed at restoring true democracy in America by ensuring the presidential candidate that receives the greatest total of votes is the candidate that ends up in the White House. This legislation proposes that Ohio join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, a group of states that pledge their entire Electoral College delegation to the winner of the national popular vote during the general election.

“This is a change that is long overdue. Two-thirds of the presidents elected in my adult life will have been chosen by the Electoral College in their first term without a corresponding majority of the electorate,” said Ramos. “Our current framework does not respect the direct will of the people. This is patently undemocratic and undermines confidence in the people that we are truly a democracy.”


09.14.16 - Rep. Ramos Sponsors Bipartisan Resolution To Recognize Hispanic Heritage Month In Ohio


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today introduced a bipartisan resolution with state Rep. Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek) to recognize Sept. 15 through Oct. 15 as National Hispanic Heritage Month in Ohio.  


09.08.16 - Ramos Applauds The Legal Use Of Medical Marijuana In Ohio


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today praised the enactment of House Bill (HB) 523, bi-partisan legislation that authorizes the prescribed use of medical marijuana in Ohio and the creation of the Medical Marijuana Control Program. With the bill’s passage in May, Ohio became the 25th state to legalize marijuana for medical consumption. 


08.29.16 - Ramos Eyes Improved Economic Competitiveness With Enactment Of Relaxed ABV Limit


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today praised the enactment of House Bill 37, legislation that eliminates the alcohol-by-volume (ABV) limit in breweries across Ohio. The bill that Gov. Kasich signed on May 31 officially goes into effect today, Aug. 29.

Ohio’s old alcohol-by-volume limit on beer was 12 percent. The passage of HB 37 eliminated that limit, allowing Ohio breweries to make and sell beer with a higher concentration of alcohol.

“This law will bring Ohio breweries to a level playing field with breweries in other states that do not have this unnecessary burden,” said Ramos. “It provides a great boon for brewers in an already booming industry.”


08.22.16 - Rep. Ramos Announces Over $1M For State Medical Marijuana Program


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today announced the release of $1,805,477 in state funds to assist state agencies in the creation of the Medical Marijuana Control Program for fiscal year 2017. This past May, lawmakers passed House Bill (HB) 523, bi-partisan legislation to legalize the use of certain forms of medical marijuana in Ohio to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. 


06.27.16 - Rep. Ramos Comments On U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Affirming Women's Right To Comprehensive Healthcare


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today released the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court decision in the case of Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, in which the court found that restrictions on access to comprehensive healthcare in Texas placed an undue burden on women, violating the American Constitution:  

“I was pleased to hear of the outcome in Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt and couldn’t agree more that the Texas law, as well as similar statues passed by Republican lawmakers in Ohio, fly in the face of our duty as legislators to uphold the U.S. Constitution.  


06.24.16 - Rep. Ramos Comments On United Kingdom's Decision To Leave The EU


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today issued the following statement expressing his concern regarding the United Kingdom’s decision to withdraw from the European Union and its potentially harmful global political impact:

“I rarely speak about international issues in my official capacity, as I am a state official. However, in this case, I believe that Britain’s decision to leave the European Union will have far-reaching ripple effects around the world, including here in Ohio. The entire United Kingdom is dependent upon trade and free movement within the EU – no more than in Northern Ireland, which is inextricably tied to the Republic of Ireland economically, culturally and historically. Movement across the border has benefited the six counties of Northern Ireland, as well as the Republic of Ireland, economically and – most importantly – by reducing violence. 


05.25.16 - Rep. Ramos: Ohio Pushes Nation Past Halfway Point For Access To Legal Medical Marijuana


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today announced the final passage of House Bill (HB) 523, legislation to legalize the use of certain forms of medical marijuana in Ohio to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries, including cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, spinal cord injury, HIV and AIDS. Ohio will become the 26th state in the nation to grant access to legal medical marijuana once the bill is signed into law.    

“After an historic vote, Ohio citizens suffering from severe pain or chronic illness will now be able to seek relief through the use of this non-addictive medicine,” said Ramos, who served as ranking minority member of the Select Committee on Medical Marijuana, was a founding member of the Medical Marijuana Task Force, and was instrumental in penning HB 523. “From children with seizure disorders to returning war heroes with PTSD, this bill will help to manage symptoms that get in the way of everyday life. I am honored to have had the opportunity to take part in drafting monumental legislation that will dramatically change so many people’s lives for the better.


05.24.16 - Rep. Ramos Applauds Passage Of Bipartisan Bill To Prevent Child Sexual Abuse


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today announced the House passage of House Bill (HB) 85, bipartisan legislation to include age-appropriate sexual abuse education and prevention in Ohio’s public, charter and STEM school systems and require teachers to attend sexual abuse training courses to recognize signs of abuse.


05.18.16 - Version Of Ramos' Relaxed Restrictions On Beer Heads To Governor's Desk


After more than four years of advocacy and three bipartisan bills to loosen alcohol content restrictions for craft beer in Ohio, State Rep. Dan Ramos’ (D-Lorain) efforts may have paid off with today’s legislative approval of House Bill 37. The bill was narrowly tailored to allow people to drink alcohol at the North Market in Columbus but was later amended to do away with Ohio’s 12 percent alcohol-by-volume (ABV) cap on beer. Ramos has introduced three bills in the last four years to raise Ohio’s ABV restriction to 21 percent. 

“I am pleased that we are finally taking this step to make Ohio more economically competitive in this rapidly developing industry,” said Ramos. “As local breweries and brewpubs continue to pop up across our state, it’s important that we level the playing field to let small business owners and brewers compete nationally. The number of jobs and amount of economic development tied to the craft beer industry in our state are becoming immensely significant. I am glad we were able to do away with an outdated law that, frankly, didn’t make much sense in an era where twenty-one percent liquor is readily available at gas stations.” 


05.12.16 - Rep. Dan Ramos Speaks At White House On Importance Of Filling Supreme Court Vacancy


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) joined U.S. Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (D-OH 9th District) and federal officials at the White House this week to discuss the importance of filling the Supreme Court vacancy created by the passing of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. The Lorain lawmaker highlighted House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 34, state-level legislation he recently introduced urging the U.S. Senate to consider President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland. 


05.10.16 - Rep. Ramos: Proposal To Legalize Medical Marijuana Passes Ohio House


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today announced the passage of House Bill (HB) 523, legislation to legalize the use of certain forms of medical marijuana in Ohio to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries, including cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease spinal cord injury, HIV and AIDS.


05.05.16 - Ramos Issues Statement On Unanimous Committee Approval Of Medical Marijuana Legislation


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain), a member of the Ohio House Select Committee on Medical Marijuana, released the following statement on today’s unanimous committee passage of House Bill 523, legislation to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio:

“Over the past months we have heard dozens of stories from Ohioans who are truly tormented with terrible afflictions; adults with chronic conditions, children and babies with seizure disorders, and veterans with PTSD. It has been my intention all the while to produce legislation that would help all of them find some relief from their suffering. I believe House Bill 523 does exactly that, while balancing the health and comfort of patients with the safety and wellbeing of our state. I look forward to a vote of the full House very soon.”


05.04.16 - Rep. Ramos Announces Capital Budget Support For Two Important Lorain Projects


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today announced the passage of the 2017 capital budget, or Senate Bill (SB) 310, to provide state support for infrastructure improvements and certain brick-and-mortar construction projects. This bill will provide state funding for two important community projects in Lorain: $150,000 for vital repairs and improvements at the Lorain Palace Theater and Civic Center and $175,000 for the Boys & Girls Club of Lorain County Food Kitchen Program.


04.22.16 - Rep. Ramos To Attend First-ever National Conference For Puerto Rican Elected Officials


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) and City Councilman Angel Arroyo, Jr. (D-Lorain) are travelling to New York this weekend for a national conference of elected officials of Puerto Rican descent. Hosted by New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and New York Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, the conference will feature discussions regarding the financial crisis in Puerto Rico and how it affects Puerto Rican communities across our nation, as well as the need to encourage Puerto Ricans in the United States to register and vote. 

“The Puerto Rican economic crisis has repercussions affecting all of our communities. So many of us represent constituents who must travel back and forth to visit family on the island, but cannot afford to stay due to the economic instability,” said Ramos. “We need to work together to urge the federal government to find an equitable solution for our fellow U.S. citizens living there, and for those of us who live on the mainland, as well.” 


04.20.16 - Ohio Legislation Calls On US Senate To Do Their Job, Take Action On SCOTUS Nomination


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) and State Sen. Michael Skindell (D-Lakewood) today introduced companion legislation in their respective chambers to urge the U.S. Senate to consider the nomination of Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland to the U.S. Supreme Court. The president nominated Garland on March 16, but the U.S. Senate has so far refused to hold hearings to consider his nomination.


04.06.16 - Rep. Ramos: Poor Economic Growth Undercuts Kasich's Bold State Of The State Claims


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today reacted to Governor’s Kasich’s State of the State address, saying that the reality on the ground for working people does not match the rosy picture painted by the governor Wednesday night in Marietta. The Lorain lawmaker noted that the governor especially failed to address the real state of the economy in Ohio. 


03.21.16 - Ramos Advocates For Expanding Number Of Early Voting Sites


Rep. Ramos (D-Lorain) today introduced legislation to increase the number of early voting facilities in qualifying counties across the state to better promote public participation in statewide elections.


03.10.16 - Dem Lawmakers Push To Restore Glass-Steagall Banking Protections


State Reps. Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon) and Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) this week introduced a resolution calling for the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, the core provisions of the federal Banking Act of 1933, to improve transparency and stability in the financial sector. 

“At a time when our state and nation are amidst a fragile recovery from the Great Recession, as far too many communities simply have not recovered yet, it is incumbent upon us to action to ensure this never happens again,” said Ramos. “We owe it to our constituents, the American taxpayers, to ensure that their tax dollars are being utilized to create opportunities for the public, not just a handful of wealthy Wall Street opportunists.” 


03.08.16 - Rep. Dan Ramos Encourages Local College Grads To Apply For Paid Statehouse Fellowship


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today announced the Ohio Legislative Service Commission is accepting applications for its 13-month Legislative and Telecommunications Fellowship Program. The Commission will hire 24 fellows to work with members of the Ohio General Assembly during 2017.


03.02.16 - Ramos Proposes Financial Incentive Aimed At College Affordability, Accessibility


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) this week introduced legislation to make higher education more accessible and affordable by creating a tuition tax credit for Ohio’s college students.


02.25.16 - Rep. Dan Ramos Named "Friend Of Education" By Ohio Federation Of Teachers


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today was named a 2015 Friend of Public Education by the Ohio Federation of Teachers (OFT). The OFT cited the Lorain lawmaker’s work on legislation to protect teachers’ pensions, as well as his ongoing, informed and passionate advocacy for effective education policy.


01.14.16 - Rep. Ramos Named Democratic Legislator Of The Year For Work Protecting Voting Rights


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today was named the 2015 Jack Wolfe “Democratic Legislator of the Year” by the Ohio Association of Election Officials (OAEO).  The OAEO cited the Lorain lawmaker’s informed, bipartisan approach to crafting legislation that expands and protects voting rights in Ohio as the key factor in his selection for the award. 

“It is a true honor to receive this award from the Ohio Association of Election Officials, named after Lorain County’s own Jack Wolfe,” said Ramos.  “I consider protecting our most sacred fundamental freedom in America a paramount responsibility of the legislature, and I am honored to work alongside our state elections officials to ensure that every Ohioan has unfettered access to our democracy and a guarantee that their vote will be counted.”


01.12.16 - Ramos Responds To Hearing On Unemployment Compensation Bill


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today commented on House Bill 394, legislation to cut unemployment compensation which received a fourth hearing this morning in the House Insurance Committee:

"First and foremost, people who have been laid off are there through no fault of their own. They want to work. They've been working,” said Rep. Ramos. “We have a situation in Lorain where laid-off steel workers are coming to the end of their current lay-offs only to see the mills laying off more people. This will have a direct impact on my constituents and the entire community. Slashing eligibility and increasing the waiting period will harm vulnerable working families as they navigate a tough time and search for a new job.”¿ 


01.08.16 - Local Stakeholders To Provide Input On Plans To Improve Lorain Student Achievement, Maintain Local Control


Lorain City Schools officials and local lawmakers today announced plans calling for community stakeholders to participate in open dialogue sessions to develop a plan to improve educational achievement for students and take proactive measures to avoid further state control. 

“Community-based solutions that put our children’s future first can’t only come from Columbus,” said Representative Dan Ramos (D-Lorain). “That is why it is so important that local leaders, lawmakers, educators, parents and students come together to put forward a plan that works by giving all of our children an equal opportunity to earn an education that puts them on a trajectory toward success.” 


11.23.15 - Ramos Announces Grant For Lorain County Habitat For Humanity


State Rep. Dan Ramos today announced $200,000 in state grants for Habitat for Humanity in Ohio, including projects in Lorain County. Funding is made possible through the Target of Opportunity Grant Program, a program that funds organizations that create, expand and improve housing for low and moderate-income families. 


10.20.15 - Rep. Ramos, Dem Lawmakers Push Back Against Proposed Restrictions That Defund, Limit Women's Access To Healthcare


Democratic state lawmakers and healthcare advocates took to the Ohio Statehouse steps this evening to push back against proposed restrictions that would defund and limit women’s access to healthcare in the Buckeye State. The event also drew hundreds of activists and supporters who donned pink glow-stick necklaces as a sign of solidarity.


10.14.15 - Rep. Dan Ramos: What Bad Trade Policy Does To The American Middle Class


Ed Schultz visits Lorain, Ohio to see what the illegal dumping of steel by the likes of China and South Korea has done to the industry there. Ed speaks with laid off workers who are feeling the effects in their pocketbooks. He is also joined by State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain).


10.13.15 - Ramos, Advocates Call For End To Gov. Kasich's Restrictions On Food Access


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today criticized Gov. Kasich’s ill-timed and poorly targeted SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) restrictions that have forced 128,452 Ohioans off food stamps since October 2013.


10.07.15 - Lawmakers Express Concern Over Charter School Reform's Teacher Retirement Restriction


The Ohio House today agreed on changes to House Bill 2 (HB 2), a bipartisan education bill to increase transparency and accountability in Ohio’s troubled charter schools. Despite a monthslong process of public debate, a number of Democratic lawmakers objected to a last minute restriction blocking new teachers at charter schools from being a part of the state pension system. The change came as part of negotiations during Tuesday’s conference committee.


09.22.15 - Rep. Dan Ramos To Visit White House For Presidential Priorities Meeting And Pope Francis Arrival Ceremony


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) will attend a White House briefing today on the President’s priorities followed by the arrival ceremony of Pope Francis. 


09.17.15 - Rep. Ramos Sponsors Bipartisan Resolution To Recognize Hispanic Heritage Month


COLUMBUS— State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) announced today that he and Rep. Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek) have introduced a bipartisan resolution to recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month in Ohio. The designated month will fall from September 15 to October 15, 2015. 

“Throughout the decades, Americans of Hispanic descent have proudly defended our country in wars and enriched the lives of all Ohioans through contributions to such fields as business, technology, science, education, religion, entertainment, politics, and the arts,” said Ramos, who is of Puerto-Rican descent. “In light of these various contributions to our society, I am proud to formally recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month here in Ohio.” 


09.14.15 - Rep. Ramos Announces State Funds For Lorain Readiness Center Renovations


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today announced $69,623 in state funding for the Lorain Readiness Center’s Masonry renovation project to repair the building’s weathered façade originally constructed in 1953. The Readiness Center serves as the Army National Guard armory and recruiting center in Lorain, Ohio.


09.02.15 - State Representative Dan Ramos Introduces Bill Honoring Lorain Native Admiral Ernest J. King


On the 70th anniversary of Victory in Japan Day (VJ Day), State Representative Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today introduced legislation declaring November 23 as Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King Day in Ohio. The bill honors Admiral King’s birthday and celebrates his legacy as leader of the American Pacific fleet during World War II.


08.19.15 - Rep. Ramos Pays Tribute To Late Congressman Louis Stokes


State Representative Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today mourned the loss of former U.S. Rep. Louis Stokes after it was announced that he passed away late Tuesday night.


07.10.15 - Rep. Dan Ramos Announces State Funding For New Firelands Middle, High School


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) announced the Ohio School Facilities Commission today approved Classroom Facilities Assistance Program funds for the construction of a new middle/high school in the Firelands Local School District. 


06.26.15 - Rep. Ramos: State Budget A Failed Economic Plan For The Wealthy Few At The Expense Of Schools, Communities


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) and Ohio House Democratic lawmakers today stood in opposition to House Bill 64, the state’s two-year budget bill. Democratic legislators voted against the measure, which they say lacks a comprehensive vision and offers little for hardworking Ohioans to get ahead. Instead, Democrats argue the bill advances policies that rig the tax system to help the richest one-percent and special interests, such as charter schools, big utility companies and oil and gas companies, in addition to partisan attacks on working Ohioans.


06.26.15 - Rep. Ramos Issues Statement On Historic Supreme Court Ruling


Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) issued the following statement today on House Bill 64, the state’s two-year operating budget bill:

“Our incredible nation was founded by a group of dreamers on an idea that no one could conceive at the time: a more perfect union dedicated to the ideal that all persons are created equal, free to pursue happiness.  This historic decision, allowing marriage equality throughout our land, brings us so much closer to that dream that we must all continue to strive toward.  It is, quite simply, a great day in America.”


06.24.15 - Rep. Dan Ramos Issues Statement On Fast-track Takeover Of Youngstown City Schools


State Representative Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) issued the following statement regarding last-minute legislative approval of the governor’s proposal to restructure the Youngstown City School system which was included in House Bill 70, a bill originally designed to make Community Learning Centers an official state education model:


06.05.15 - Dem Lawmakers Applaud Administration's Backtrack On Healthcare Coverage For Pregnant Women


State Representatives Emilia Sykes (D-Akron) and Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) released the following statements today in reaction to news that the Kasich administration has reversed course and will restore Medicaid coverage in the budget for low-income pregnant women.

“I am glad to know that the administration is finally waking up to the fact that Ohio’s infant mortality rate is indeed a public health crisis. I don’t know why the state ever pursued such misguided public policy in the first place, but I am pleased that the governor has done an about-face and now supports access to healthcare for expectant mothers,” said Sykes. “Restoring coverage for low-income pregnant women will help ensure babies are born happy and healthy and survive to see their first birthday.”


04.01.15 - Ramos Applauds Democratic Efforts, Governor In Fight To Uphold Ballot Access


Today, Gov. Kasich signed the state’s $7 billion transportation budget bill, while striking a provision of the bill that would have made it harder for students to vote. Representative Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) was one of 13 Democrats who voted against the Senate changes to the transportation budget after voting for it weeks before.

“Weeks ago I voted for the House version of HB53: an effective, bi-partisan bill. Unfortunately, what came out of the Senate was undermining our fundamental freedom and most basic right in a democracy—the right to vote,” said Rep. Dan Ramos. “Our priority is to encourage talented students to stay in our state after graduation, and this sent the wrong message to those students.”

The vetoed budget provision would have required students who registered to vote in Ohio to surrender their driver’s license if it were from another state, and forced them to obtain an Ohio driver’s license and register their vehicle with the state. Failure to do so within 30 days resulted in a criminal offense. 


02.13.15 - Rep. Ramos Supports Delay In High Stakes School Testing


The Ohio House Wednesday passed legislation to ban high stakes decisions, like promotion to the next grade or refusing course credit, based on students’ scores on achievement tests administered this school year. State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) released the following statement in response to the passage of the legislation, House Bill 7:


01.15.15 - Rep. Dan Ramos To Lead House Democrats On Legislative Panel


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today was named Ranking Member on the Finance and Appropriations Subcommittee on Higher Education, the House Minority’s highest ranking official on the legislative panel.


01.06.15 - Ramos Responds To US Steel Announcement


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) released the following statement today in response to U.S. Steel’s announcement of temporary layoffs due to steel plants being idled in Lorain, Ohio and Dallas, Texas:

“I am deeply concerned with the economic and social challenges any potential layoffs could present to our community. These are not just numbers in a ledger or an economic forecast, these are families faced with the possibility of losing their path to opportunity, security, stability and a fair shot at a higher quality of life.

“In the coming days and weeks, I will continue talking with the company, union, and state, local and federal officials so that we can be prepared to minimize the devastation this announcement may pose to working families in our state. I am hopeful we can come together to turn challenges into opportunities while getting people back to work.”


11.21.14 - Lawmakers: Suppressed Energy Jobs Report Proof Positive Of Bad Intentions Behind Energy Freeze


State Reps. Mike Foley (D-Cleveland) and Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) Friday discussed the suppression of a green jobs report that showed Ohio had significantly more jobs tied to renewable energy than the number estimated during the debate to freeze renewable energy standards.


04.10.14 - Rep Ramos: MBR Should Fix Budget Mistakes, Not Prioritize Politics


State Rep. Ramos (D-Lorain) on Wednesday voted in opposition to part of the state’s mid-biennium review, House Bill 483. Democrats highlighted that, although the original intent of the MBR should have been to fix mistakes in last year’s state budget, the bill had turned into a thinly-veiled attempt by the GOP to abolish state protections against pay-to-play in state government. 


03.07.14 - Rep. Ramos: Kasich's Top-Down Policies Cause Ohioans To Struggle


Friday's revised job numbers reveal that Ohio’s economic recovery continues to trail the nation’s and that the past two years have been significantly worse than what was previously reported.


02.27.14 - Rep. Dan Ramos: Voter Suppression Bills, Directive Further Attacks On Ohio Voter Rights


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) on Wednesday condemned the Ohio GOP’s partisan elections agenda, including Secretary of State Husted’s directive to limit in-person early voting hours and the passage of Senate Bill 216, which makes counting provisional ballots more difficult.


01.23.14 - Reps. Ramos & Antonio Call On Kasich To Impose A Moratorium On Executions


State Reps. Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood) and Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) sent a letter to Gov. John Kasich on Wednesday calling on him to impose a moratorium on executions in Ohio to further review the new execution drug combination policy and provide a thorough report of last Thursday’s execution. This comes after last week’s controversial execution, in which the State used an untested two-drug lethal injection method. The family of inmate Dennis McGuire plans to file federal lawsuit against the state, citing the U.S. constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.


01.08.14 - 50 Years Later: Ohio's SNAP Decision Undermines Goals Of War On Poverty


Today marks the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s War on Poverty initiative. The day serves as a stark reminder that there’s still plenty of fighting to do, especially in Ohio.


12.18.13 - Rep. Ramos Introduces Bill To Expand Ohio's Brewing Industry


State Rep. Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) re-introduced legislation on Monday to help spur economic development in Ohio’s growing brewing industry by allowing brewers to produce and sell beer containing up to 21 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). 


12.05.13 - Reps. Ramos & Antonio, Advocates Renew Call To Abolish Death Penalty


State Reps. Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood) and Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) on Tuesday called for an end to the death penalty in Ohio, highlighting a proposal that would replace the death sentence with life in prison without parole.  


11.26.13 - Stagnant Job Growth Prompts Lawmakers, Advocates To Push Kasich For SNAP Waiver


Today, Senator Charleta B. Tavares (D – Columbus) and Representative Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) called on Governor Kasich to restore access to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for 134,000 low-income Ohioans. The call to action comes as Ohioans prepare to celebrate the start of the holiday season with Thanksgiving on November 28.

"During this holiday season we should do all we can to make sure every resident of Ohio has the food they need," said Sen. Tavares.  "That's why at this time of rising unemployment we are calling on Governor Kasich to request a statewide waiver like our neighboring states have done."

Ohio has participated in the statewide waiver program because of high employment rates since 2007. Current SNAP rules require childless adults who are not disabled to work or participate in a qualifying job-training program for a minimum of 20 hours per week. However, the federal government will waive the requirement in light of Ohio’s struggling economy. There would be no additional cost to the state of Ohio to again seek the waiver. Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan have already requested and been granted waivers to extend SNAP benefits.

Gov. Kasich recently extended the SNAP federal work waiver to only 16 counties, disproportionately affecting Ohio’s urban areas and other rural counties around the state. Lawmakers cited Ohio’s troubling trend of growing joblessness, a stagnant economy and lack of Work Experience Program (WEP) opportunities as reasoning to equitably extend the SNAP federal waiver to all 88 Ohio counties. Currently, there are only 9,000 available slots in the WEP program.

“The regretful irony of this situation is that Governor Kasich is championing his work on Medicaid expansion for the poor, but, at the same time, he will take food off the table of some of these very same people,” said Rep. Ramos. “Instead of working to fix fundamental problems with our state’s economy, Governor Kasich’s administration has decided to play politics with people’s food when there just aren’t enough jobs to go around.”


06.19.13 - Rep. Ramos Offers "Finish Fund" To Improve College Completion Rates


State Representative Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) introduced House Bill 209 this week to help drive-up college completion rates across Ohio. The grant based program, known as The Finish Fund, would reward the hard work of college students who have demonstrated their ability and commitment to being academically successful. The Finish Fund would ensure that these students have the funds necessary to finish their degree programs.

“Recognizing the challenges of developing a 21st century workforce is necessary for attracting new businesses and high-paying jobs to our state,” said Rep. Ramos. “I believe it is crucial that, as a state, we have a program in place that is committed to graduating those nearest completion. The Finish Fund would help those who have a demonstrated financial need and academic ability necessary to finish college. Ohio needs to ensure that financial hardship does not get in the way of college students crossing the finish line.”