March 14, 2013

General Submissions :
John YiExtra 1Download
John YiExtra 2Download
Education K12 RulesEducation K12 RulesDownload
Bonny BuffingtonBudget by Median IncomeDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 5911th HearingDownload
 Dr. Andrew J. Hill  Interested PartyDownload
 David N. Branch  Interested PartyDownload
 Edward Bischoff  Interested PartyDownload
 Mike Hebenthal  Interested PartyDownload
 John Scheu  Interested PartyDownload
 Cathy J. Ruiz  Interested PartyDownload
 John K. Yi  Interested PartyDownload
 Albert Haberstroh  Interested PartyDownload
 Bonny Buffington  Interested PartyDownload
 Robert C. Mecum  Interested PartyDownload
 Holli Stevenson  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Stevenson  Interested PartyDownload
 Bobbie L. Medina (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Helen Kane  Interested PartyDownload
 Isabel Bozada  Interested PartyDownload
 Torey Stroud  Interested PartyDownload
 Yow Feng  Interested PartyDownload
 Lorena Mora-Mowry  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Yung-Chen Lu  Interested PartyDownload
 Jon Gubera  Interested PartyDownload
 Ralph Shell  Interested PartyDownload
 Melanie Elsey  OpponentDownload
 Rich Evans (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Bruce Bradley (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Ron Sexton (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Charla C. Evans (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Denise R. Abboud (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Nick Torres (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Ferrer (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Lourdes Ribera (written only)  Interested PartyDownload

March 13, 2013

General Submissions :
Gray and AllenExecutive SummaryDownload
Gray and AllenPhilanthropy Ohio Work to DateDownload
Gray and AllenTestimony SlidesDownload
Education K12 RulesEducation K12 RulesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 5910th HearingDownload
 Lisa Gray and Suzanne Allen  Interested PartyDownload
 Ariana Ulloa-Olavarrieta  Interested PartyDownload
 Rafi Rodriguez  Interested PartyDownload
 Earl Oremus  Interested PartyDownload
 Cassaundra Crawford  Interested PartyDownload
 Cindy J. Rhonemus  Interested PartyDownload
 J. Chris Pfister  Interested PartyDownload
 Ann Brennan  Interested PartyDownload
 Nina Andrews  Interested PartyDownload
 Gail Gallwitz  Interested PartyDownload
 Debbi Buck  Interested PartyDownload
 Robert A. Hancock  Interested PartyDownload
 Mario Basora  Interested PartyDownload
 Terry Graves-Strieter  Interested PartyDownload
 Lou Salza (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Shelly Weisbacher (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Robert J. Kubick, Jr. et al (written only)  Interested PartyDownload

March 12, 2013

General Submissions :
Thomas PerkinsNorthern Local State Share LossDownload
Brent MayReport Card 2011-2012Download
Brent MayCommunity_schools_deduction_history_2Download
Brent MayCommunity_schools_deduction_history_1Download
Brent MayReport Card 2010-2011Download
Education K12 RulesEducation K12 RulesDownload
Thomas PerkinsPhantom RevenueDownload
Aimee HortnVisiting Team ReportDownload
Brent MayValue Added Rankings 2012Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 599th HearingDownload
 Karen J. Lampe  Interested PartyDownload
 Kimberly Moyer  Interested PartyDownload
 Thomas Perkins  Interested PartyDownload
 Thomas Gibbs  Interested PartyDownload
 Gregory D. Ring  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark Murphy  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark Neal  Interested PartyDownload
 Stephen Dackin  Interested PartyDownload
 Thomas Tucker  Interested PartyDownload
 Paul A. Craft  Interested PartyDownload
 Brent May  Interested PartyDownload
 Timothy Saxton  Interested PartyDownload
 Jay Arbaugh  Interested PartyDownload
 Felicia Drummey  Interested PartyDownload
 Aimee Horton (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Eric Karolak  Interested PartyDownload
 Jessica Ramos (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Christi Smith (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Bruce Hawkins (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Rachel S. Winters (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Faith Denslow (written only)  Interested PartyDownload

March 07, 2013

General Submissions :
Education K12 RulesEducation K12 RulesDownload
OAPCS PowerPointOAPCS PowerPointDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 598th HearingDownload
 Ron Adler  Interested PartyDownload
 Stephanie Klupinski and Marianne Lombardo  Interested PartyDownload
 Dave Cash  Interested PartyDownload
 Bert Wiser  Interested PartyDownload
 Martin Porter  Interested PartyDownload
 Thomas Babb  Interested PartyDownload
 Cathy Bryan and Taylor Bryan  Interested PartyDownload
 Paige Baublitz-Watkins  Interested PartyDownload
 Joseph R. Baszynski  Interested PartyDownload
 Chad Carr  Interested PartyDownload
 Catherine Whitehouse  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Reidelbach and Marty Griffith  Interested PartyDownload
 Richard Albeit, Anthony Gatto, GG Howard, and Sophia Lombardo  Interested PartyDownload
 Bradley Harshaw  Interested PartyDownload
 Leroy Jackson  Interested PartyDownload
 Gerald Horak  Interested PartyDownload
 Sgt. Ben Merrill  Interested PartyDownload
 Donald Penson  Interested PartyDownload

March 06, 2013

General Submissions :
Education K12 RulesEducation K12 RulesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 597th HearingDownload
 Larry Keough  Interested PartyDownload
 Jason Warner  Interested PartyDownload
 Dan Dodd  Interested PartyDownload

March 05, 2013

General Submissions :
Education K12 RulesEducation K12 RulesDownload
Chris RennGlossaryDownload
Chris RennSchool ListDownload
Chris RennBy CountyDownload
ACTE and OACTSWeighted FundingDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 596th HearingDownload
 Ann Sheldon  Interested PartyDownload
 Emma-Jean Stanley  Interested PartyDownload
 Kathleen Stanley  Interested PartyDownload
 Kimberly Curran  Interested PartyDownload
 Hayley Curran  Interested PartyDownload
 Sarah (Sally) Roberts  Interested PartyDownload
 Brenda Gift (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Barbara Bodart (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Sandra Freeman (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Mr. Bassam Homsi  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Joyce Malainy  Interested PartyDownload
 Chris Renn  Interested PartyDownload
 Aimee Kennedy  Interested PartyDownload
 Matt Grushon  Interested PartyDownload
 Craig E. Burford  Interested PartyDownload
 Tom Goodney  Interested PartyDownload
 Vikki Clemons  Interested PartyDownload
 Tom Isaacs  Interested PartyDownload
 Bob Caldwell  Interested PartyDownload

March 01, 2013

General Submissions :
2_28_13 Minutes2_28_13 MinutesDownload
K12 RulesK12 RulesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 596th HearingDownload
 William L. Phillis  Interested PartyDownload
 Barbara Shaner, Damon Asbury, Tom Ash  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Howard Fleeter  Interested PartyDownload
 Russ Harris  Interested PartyDownload
 Darold Johnson  Interested PartyDownload
 David James  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Lisa Duty  ProponentDownload
 Gloria Cazan  Interested PartyDownload

February 28, 2013

General Submissions :
K12 RulesK12 RulesDownload
2_26_13 Minutes2_26_13 MinutesDownload
Terry RyanSteps in the Right DirectionDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 595th HearingDownload
 Sasheen Phillips and Tina Thomas Manning  Interested PartyDownload
 David Ehle  Interested PartyDownload
 Stephanie Siddens  Interested PartyDownload
 Lori Lofton  Interested PartyDownload
 Kathy Shibley  Interested PartyDownload
 Joni Hoffman  Interested PartyDownload
 Sue Cosmo  Interested PartyDownload
 Terry Ryan  ProponentDownload
 Greg Harris  ProponentDownload
 Rebecca Sibilia  ProponentDownload
 Stephen Dyer  Interested PartyDownload

February 26, 2013

General Submissions :
Education K12 RulesEducation K12 RulesDownload
2_21_13 Minutes2_21_13 MinutesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 593rd HearingDownload
 Richard A. Ross and Barbara Mattei Smith  ProponentDownload
 Richard A. Ross  ProponentDownload

February 21, 2013

General Submissions :
Minutes Feb. 20, 2013Minutes Feb. 20, 2013Download
House Finance Subcommittee on Education Funding K12RulesDownload
LSCOperating Budget DocumentsDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 592nd HearingDownload
 Gregg Thornton  ProponentDownload
 Rick Hickman  ProponentDownload
 Janet S. Gordon  ProponentDownload
 Cynthia M. Johnson  Interested PartyDownload
 Dennis Berg  ProponentDownload
 Matthew Schuler  ProponentDownload

February 20, 2013

General Submissions :
Rules Education Subcommittee K12Rules Education Subcommittee K12Download
Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino AffairsGraphDownload
Ohio Commission on Hispanic and Latino AffairsAnnual ReportDownload
LSCOperating Budget DocumentsDownload
Janet WilliamsSpeechDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 591st HearingDownload
 William Hall  ProponentDownload
 Lili C. Reitz, Esq.  Interested PartyDownload
 Lilleana Cavanaugh  Interested PartyDownload
 Janet M. Williams  Interested PartyDownload
 Jeff Rosa (written only)  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark B. Levy  Interested PartyDownload