February 04, 2014

General Submissions :
Higher Education Study Committee ReportDownload
Chairman Rosenberger Chairman's Letter Download

September 19, 2013

General Submissions :
Robert Elmore Kaplan CollegeDownload
Sue Furick Kaplan CollegeDownload
Bruce JohnsonInter-University CouncilDownload
Dave Collins Sinclair Community CollegeDownload
Kimberli ZornesHarrison CollegeDownload
Kimberli ZornesHarrison College - PowerPointDownload
Sean Kuhn Fortis CollegeDownload
Roseanne CatellaOhio Business COllegeDownload
Roseanne CatellaOhio Business College - PowerPointDownload
Kaplan College Cover Download

September 09, 2013

General Submissions :
David Harrison, Ph.D.Columbus State Community College Download
Marlene Anielski Jason Flatt Act Download
Richard Vedder, Ph.D.Center for College Productivity and Affordability Download
William Hart, Ph.D. & James Brock, Ph.D.Economics Department, Miami University Download
Scarlett HoweryDeVry University, ColumbusDownload
Mike Sherman, Ph.D. University of Akron Download
Joanie Krein Miami-JacobsDownload
John McNay Ohio Conference of the American Association of University ProfessorsDownload
Melissa CropperOhio Federation of Teachers Download
Taylor Stepp Ohio State University, Undergraduate Student GovernmentDownload
Kristen Hurd Cengage LearningDownload
Cengage Learning Powerpoint Download
Debra VolzerPearson Higher EducationDownload

September 04, 2013

General Submissions :
Richard GieseMount Union Download
Para Jones Stark State Community CollegeDownload
Dorey Diab North Central State CollegeDownload
Hannah RothergeryMount UnionDownload
Claudia WenzelJohn Carroll Download
Claudia Wenzel John Carroll - Power PointDownload
Justin TisevichStark State Community CollegeDownload
Lynn MizaninMiami-JacobsDownload
Lynn MizaninMiami-Jacobs Power Point Download
Nick MockMount Union Download
Oranda HughesBrown Mackie Download
Peter Perkowski Brown MackieDownload
Samantha Rinehart Stark State Community CollegeDownload

August 20, 2013

General Submissions :
Mike Bower Owens Community CollegeDownload
Kathleen Vasquez University of Toledo Download
Shawn Grime Ohio School Counselor's Association Download
Kevin Milliken Herzing University Download
Nick NigroDavis CollegeDownload
Committee Resources ACT. Condition of College and Career Readiness in Ohio 2012Download
Committee Resources Improved Student Preparation/reducing remediation ratesDownload
Committee Resources Broadening Benefits of Dual Enrollment Download
Committee Resources Developmental Redesign Initiatives - Tennessee Download
Committee Resources Exploring Alternatives to RemediationDownload
Committee Resources The Higher Ed. Issue Brief - The Charles A. Dana CenterDownload
Committee Resources The Role of Two-year Institutions in Four-Year Success Download
Committee Resources Paying Double: Inadequate High Schools and Community College Remediation Download
Committee Resources Links by TopicDownload
Kerrie CarteWSOS Community Action Commission, Inc.Download
Brian Spencer Auto. Tech ProgramDownload
Lamar Stokes Auto Tech. Program Download
Larry MillerHVAC ProgramDownload

August 14, 2013

General Submissions :
Barbara Gellman-Danley, Ph.D. - Univeristy of Rio Grande Multiple Higher Education PathwaysDownload
Vikki Mash - Holzer Health Systems Multiple Higher Education Pathways Download
Greg Gabis - Daymar Colleges GroupMultiple Higher Education Pathways Download
Greg Guzman - Herzing University, Toledo Multiple Higher Education Pathways Download
RIchard Shirley - Gallipolis Career College Multiple Higher Education Pathways Download

August 08, 2013

General Submissions :
David Hodge Ph.D. Workforce ConnectionDownload
Michael KabbazWorkforce Connection Download
Dave Rankin Workforce Connection Download
Robert Elmore Workforce ConnectionDownload
Jim Gilbert, Sinclair Community College Workforce Connection Download
Monica Posey Ph.D. - Cincinnati State Community CollegeWorkforce ConnectionDownload
Michael GoldmanWorkforce ConnectionDownload
Nick Miller - Miami University Workforce Connection Download