March 14, 2013

General Submissions :
Chairwoman's OfficeThursday 1pm to 3pm Line-UpDownload
Chairwoman's OfficeThursday 3pm to 5pm Line-UpDownload
Chairwoman's OfficeThursday 11am to 1pm Line-UpDownload
Chairwoman's OfficeThursday 9am to 11am Line-UpDownload
Chairwoman's OfficeMarch 13 Meeting MinutesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 59Download
 Coleen Ogle  Interested PartyDownload
 Beth Tronolone  Interested PartyDownload
 Gloria Aron  Interested PartyDownload
 Charles Holderman  Interested PartyDownload
 Mary Wachtel  Interested PartyDownload
 Quo Vadis-Ellison  Interested PartyDownload
 Dustin Mets  Interested PartyDownload
 Hattie Wilkins  Interested PartyDownload
 Jaliyya Abdurrazzaq  Interested PartyDownload
 David Edelblute  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Heldman  Interested PartyDownload
 Esther Pla  Interested PartyDownload
 Beth Vild  Interested PartyDownload
 Tim Ahrens  Interested PartyDownload
 Dee Stickley-Minor  Interested PartyDownload
 Chris Morgan, Jr.  Interested PartyDownload
 Jacqui Romer-Sensky  Interested PartyDownload
 Marla Root  Interested PartyDownload
 Rowena Ventura  Interested PartyDownload
 Gayle Catinella  Interested PartyDownload
 Jodi Mitchel  Interested PartyDownload
 James Misak  Interested PartyDownload
 Bill Denihan  Interested PartyDownload
 Heather Morris  Interested PartyDownload
 Duane Stansbury  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Hartley  Interested PartyDownload
 Diana King  Interested PartyDownload
 Monty Blanton  Interested PartyDownload
 Jim Stengle, III  Interested PartyDownload
 Jeana Campolo  Interested PartyDownload
 Chris Morgan, Sr.  Interested PartyDownload
 Carmen Gray  Interested PartyDownload
 Tim Maglione  Interested PartyDownload
 Bob Spada  Interested PartyDownload
 Krista Wasowski  Interested PartyDownload
 Lisa Hamler-Fugitt  Interested PartyDownload
 Bur Robinson  Interested PartyDownload
 Lindy Cree  Interested PartyDownload
 Pete Moore  Interested PartyDownload
 Natalie Lippert  Interested PartyDownload
 Dean Fadel  Interested PartyDownload
 Jon Honeck  Interested PartyDownload
 Col Owens  Interested PartyDownload
 LaChelle Cantrell  Interested PartyDownload
 Amy Rohling-McGee  Interested PartyDownload
 John Best  Interested PartyDownload
 Amy Bush-Stevens  Interested PartyDownload
 Pam Harris  Interested PartyDownload
 Kim Newsom-Bridges  Interested PartyDownload
 Sharon Sobol-Jordan  Interested PartyDownload
 Joel Potts  Interested PartyDownload
 Jennifer Wentzel  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark Davis  Interested PartyDownload
 Bettye Best  Interested PartyDownload
 Robert Weinhardt  Interested PartyDownload
 Philip Nelson  Interested PartyDownload
 Neil Castilow  Interested PartyDownload
 Rick Cornett  Interested PartyDownload
 John McCarthy  Interested PartyDownload

March 13, 2013

General Submissions :
March 12 Meeting MinutesMeeting MinutesDownload
Tom SlemmerNational Residence Churches - MapDownload
Chairwoman's OfficeWednesday PM Line-UpDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 59Download
 Tarren Bragdon  Interested PartyDownload
 Lynn Williams  Interested PartyDownload
 William Wallace  Interested PartyDownload
 Cassandra Barham  Interested PartyDownload
 Daisy Hudson  Interested PartyDownload
 Christina Schnetzer  Interested PartyDownload
 Judi Clark  Interested PartyDownload
 John Munnis  Interested PartyDownload
 Jeannette Cooper  Interested PartyDownload
 DJ McFadden  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Hartley  Interested PartyDownload
 Chris Kershner  Interested PartyDownload
 Keith Lake  Interested PartyDownload
 Tracey Izzard  Interested PartyDownload
 Cheryl Blakely  Interested PartyDownload
 Kelly Vyzral  Interested PartyDownload
 Frances Sheard  Interested PartyDownload
 Kamela Yuricich  Interested PartyDownload
 Larry Long  Interested PartyDownload
 Ed Haislmaier  Interested PartyDownload
 Will Petrik  Interested PartyDownload
 Jean Thompson  Interested PartyDownload
 Leon Neisius  Interested PartyDownload
 Janis Sunderhaus  Interested PartyDownload
 Jeff Stephens  Interested PartyDownload
 Tom Slemmer  Interested PartyDownload
 David Lewis  Interested PartyDownload
 Holly Pendell  Interested PartyDownload
 Jan Ruma  Interested PartyDownload
 Sandy Oxley  Interested PartyDownload
 Susan Gregg  Interested PartyDownload
 Jim Formal  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Cannon  Interested PartyDownload
 Jagadeesh Gokhale  Interested PartyDownload
 Robert Alt  Interested PartyDownload

March 12, 2013

General Submissions :
March 7 Meeting MinutesMeeting MinutesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 59Download
 Thomas Zenty, III  Interested PartyDownload
 Duana Patton  Interested PartyDownload
 Linda Wetters  Interested PartyDownload
 Crystal Ward-Allen  Interested PartyDownload
 Jack Frech  Interested PartyDownload
 Jimelle Rumberg  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Kirkman  Interested PartyDownload
 Kathleen Anderson  Interested PartyDownload
 David Royer  Interested PartyDownload
 Denise Robinson  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. CL Gray  Interested PartyDownload
 Daniel Weiss  Interested PartyDownload
 Randi Clites  Interested PartyDownload
 Dan Ferguson  Interested PartyDownload
 Randi Love  Interested PartyDownload
 Debra Studer  Interested PartyDownload
 Jill Hreben  Interested PartyDownload
 Diane Wish  Interested PartyDownload
 Mike Such  Interested PartyDownload
 Ryan Rupp  Interested PartyDownload
 Tyler TerMeer  Interested PartyDownload
 Tracy Morrison  Interested PartyDownload
 Jenna Morrison  Interested PartyDownload

March 07, 2013

General Submissions :
March 5 Meeting MinutesMeeting MinutesDownload
Hubert Wirtz, Chart 1Chart 1Download
Hubert Wirtz, Chart 2Chart 2Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 59
 Kathleen Anderson  Interested PartyDownload
 Bill Sundermeyer  Interested PartyDownload
 Cindy Farson  Interested PartyDownload
 Chris Murray  Interested PartyDownload
 Melissa Gourley  Interested PartyDownload
 Jorji Milliken  Interested PartyDownload
 Gary Tonks  Interested PartyDownload
 Marcie Seidel  Interested PartyDownload
 Cheri Walter  Interested PartyDownload
 Hubert Wirtz  Interested PartyDownload
 Terry Russell  Interested PartyDownload
 Blaine Brockman  Interested PartyDownload

March 05, 2013

General Submissions :
Holly Saelens ChartMolina HealthcareDownload
David Amerine FormMedicaid FormDownload
February 28 MinutesMeeting MinutesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 59Download
 Phil Ennen  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Steve Allen  Interested PartyDownload
 Miranda Motter  Interested PartyDownload
 Kim Crandall  Interested PartyDownload
 David Amerine/Kevin Rhoades  Interested PartyDownload
 Jack Randolph  Interested PartyDownload
 Holly Saelens  Interested PartyDownload
 Janet Grant  Interested PartyDownload

February 28, 2013

General Submissions :
Feb 27 Meeting MinutesMeeting MinutesDownload
Office of Health TransformationExtended Coverage ChartDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 59Download
 John McCarthy  ProponentDownload

February 27, 2013

General Submissions :
Meeting MinutesFebruary 26Download
LSCElderly RepresentationDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 59Download
 Michael Colbert  ProponentDownload
 Jillian Froment  ProponentDownload

February 26, 2013

General Submissions :
Feb 21stMeeting MinutesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 59Download
 Ted Wymyslo  ProponentDownload
 Ted Wymyslo  ProponentDownload
 John Martin  ProponentDownload
 Tracy Plouck  ProponentDownload
 Bonnie Kantor-Burman  ProponentDownload

February 21, 2013

General Submissions :
LSCLSC DocumentsDownload
MinsMinutes from 21 FEB 13Download
RulesHHS RulesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 59Download
 Kevin Miller  ProponentDownload
 Amanda Ferguson  ProponentDownload
 Kim Anderson  Interested PartyDownload
 Ronald Ross  Interested PartyDownload

February 20, 2013

General Submissions :
LSC DocumentsLSC Budget DocumentsDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 591st HearingDownload
 Betsy Houchen  ProponentDownload
 Angela Dawson  Interested PartyDownload
 Kelly Caudill  ProponentDownload
 Jim Rough  ProponentDownload