March 23, 2017

General Submissions :
Minutes 3.22.17Minutes 3.22.17Download
Policy Matters Ohio General SubmissionPolicy Matters Ohio General SubmissionDownload
Coalition for Healthy CommunitiesCoalition for Healthy CommunitiesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 4913th HearingDownload
 Amy Hurst  Interested Party  Interested PartyDownload
 Ann Ramer  Interested Party  Interested PartyDownload
 April Caraway  Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board  Interested PartyDownload
 Carol Henderson  Interested Party  Interested PartyDownload
 Caroline Larhmann  Interested Party  Interested PartyDownload
 Cindy Michael  Toledo Children's Hospital Northwest Ohio Hemophilia Center  OpponentDownload
 Clarissa Allega  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Chris Murray  The Academy of Senior Health Sciences  OpponentDownload
 Cynthia Gramke  Clermont Senior Services  Interested PartyDownload
 Cynthia Holstein  Shawnee Family Health Center  Interested PartyDownload
 Rev. David Hoffman  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 David Reierson  United Way of Central Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 David Reierson  Franklin County Care Coordination Network  ProponentDownload
 Dr. Douglas Beach  Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging  OpponentDownload
 Elizabeth O'Leary  Interested Party  Interested PartyDownload
 Emilie Helman  Interested Party  ProponentDownload
 Frances Turner  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Frank Weglarz  Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging & Lake County Council on Aging  OpponentDownload
 Gary Dougherty  American Diabetes Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Greg Landsman  Every Child Capital  Interested PartyDownload
 Hannah Halbert  Policy Matters Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Heather DeLisle  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 James Duffee  American Academy of Pediatrics  OpponentDownload
 James Klay  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Jane Taylor  Ohio Aging Advocacy Coalition  OpponentDownload
 Jenny Sand  Home Care by Black Stone  Interested PartyDownload
 Jennifer Fountain  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Jeff Embleton  American Heart Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Joan Papp  The MetroHealth System, Office of Opioid Safety  Interested PartyDownload
 Jodi Skinner  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Joe Niedzwiedski  North Central Mental Health Services  Interested PartyDownload
 Joel Day  City of New Philadelphia  OpponentDownload
 Dr. John Corrigan  Ohio Brain Injury Program at The Ohio State University  ProponentDownload
 John Stacy  Director of Advocacy  Interested PartyDownload
 Katie Barbato  Interested Party  Interested PartyDownload
 Ken Fletcher  The American Lung Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Kim Mathews  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Kim Reno  Pierre Vauthy Cystic Fibrosis Center of Northwest Ohio  OpponentDownload
 King Stumpp  Netcare Access  Interested PartyDownload
 Kristina Handshy  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Laura Beemiller  Ohio Bleeding Disorders Council  Interested Party
 Laura Hammond  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Lauryn Tubesing  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Lori Chovanak  Ohio Nurses Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Marcie Seidel  Drug Free Action Alliance  Interested PartyDownload
 Marilyn Tribble  Urban Minority Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Outreach Program  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark Mecum  Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark Redding  The CHAP HUB  ProponentDownload
 Matt Miller  Interested Party  Opponent
 Dr. Michael Roizen  Cleveland Clinic  ProponentDownload
 Michael Smalz  Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage and Ohio Poverty Law Center  Interested PartyDownload
 Kristin Staton  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Kristy Mudd  Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health  Interested PartyDownload
 Randi Clites  Children with Medical Handicaps PAC  OpponentDownload
 Raymond Jones  The Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program  Interested PartyDownload
 Shawn Ryan  Ohio Society of Addiction Medicine  Interested PartyDownload
 Shon Gress  Ohio Association of Senior Centers OASC  Interested PartyDownload
 Stacie Williamson  Franklin County Children with Medical Handicaps Program  OpponentDownload
 Steve Benjamin  Harbor Behavioral Health  Interested PartyDownload
 Tom Quade  President  Opponent
 Vickie Ionno  New Philadelphia City Health District  OpponentDownload
 Megan Strok  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Jenni Meyers  Interested Party   OpponentDownload
 Cristin Ramsey  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Michelle Lawrence  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Matthew Dolan  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Kristen Armbrust  Interested Party   OpponentDownload
 Olivera Bratich  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Michele Engling  Concerned Parent  Interested PartyDownload
 Jennifer Carr  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Randi Wolfe  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Kayla Kemats  Columbiana County Health Department  OpponentDownload
 Jennifer Davis  Columbiana County Health Department  Interested PartyDownload
 Katie Jones  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Cheri Unkefer  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Karen Gorby  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Shannon Mackall  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Adam & Heather Longwell  Interested Party  OpponentDownload
 Cristin Ramsey  Interested Party  OpponentDownload

March 22, 2017

General Submissions :
Minutes 3.21.17Minutes 3.21.17Download
Children's Hunger Alliance General SubmissionChildren's Hunger Alliance General SubmissionDownload
Superintendent of Tallmadge Schools United Way Letter of SupportSuperintendent of Tallmadge United Way Letter of SupportDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 4912th HearingDownload
 Candy Rinehart  Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses  Interested PartyDownload
 Marcy Williams  Ohio Association of Non-Profit Organizations  Interested PartyDownload
 Stephen MacDonald  Lucas County Family Council  ProponentDownload
 Bill Adams  Advocacy United  ProponentDownload
 Marci Straughter  Ohio Self Determination Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Philip DeVol  Marion Matters/ Heidi Jones & Jeffery Diver  ProponentDownload
 Adrienne Bradley  United Way of Summit County  ProponentDownload
 Dr. Nichole Booker  United Way of Summit County  ProponentDownload
 Judy Mobley  Children's Hunger Alliance  Interested PartyDownload
 Bob Heinzerling  Heinzerling Foundation  ProponentDownload
 Kim Kelly  null  Interested PartyDownload
 Mary Hall  null  Interested PartyDownload
 Janice McCament  Concerned Parent  ProponentDownload
 Pennie Chappell  Concerned Parent  ProponentDownload
 Larry Vavro  Ohio Coalition for Adult Protective Services  ProponentDownload
 Cari Wynne  Butler County Educational Service Center  Interested Party
 Alexis Lester  Ohio Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs  ProponentDownload
 Rebecca Asmo  Ohio Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs  ProponentDownload
 Elizabeth Martinez  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Becky Ciminillo  YMCA of Central Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Micah Haralson  The Alliance of Early Education  Interested PartyDownload
 Janet Callison, Samantha Schon, Mason Quinn  Best Buddies Ohio  ProponentDownload
 Nick Lashutka  Ohio Children's Hospital Association   Interested PartyDownload
 Mary H. Boosalis  Premier Health  Interested PartyDownload
 Ray Chorey  Southeastern Ohio Regional Medical Center  Interested PartyDownload
 Jean Halpin  Ohio Health Masnfield and Shelby Hospitals   Interested PartyDownload
 Joel Potts  Ohio Job & Family Services Directors' Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Amy Roehrenbeck  Ohio Child Support Enforcement Agencies Directors' Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Mary O'Shea  Greater Cleveland Food Bank  Interested PartyDownload
 Lisa Hamler-Fugitt  Ohio Association of Foodbanks  Interested PartyDownload
 Diana Turhoff  Finance Fund Capital Corporation  Interested PartyDownload
 Kurt Miller  Empowering People Inc.  Interested PartyDownload
 Harris Capps  Concerned Parent  ProponentDownload
 Bridget Gargan  Ohio Association of County Boards of DD  ProponentDownload
 Jason Umstot  Licking County Board of DD  ProponentDownload
 Danielle Brown  null  ProponentDownload
 Mark Schlater  Toward Independence Incorporated  ProponentDownload
 Lisa Reed  Residential Home for the Developmentally Disabled Inc.  ProponentDownload
 Than Johnson  Champaign Residential Services Inc.  ProponentDownload
 Bethany Toledo  Ohio Alliance of Direct Support Professionals  ProponentDownload
 Tom Weaver  Choices In Community Living Inc.  ProponentDownload
 Dr. Marc Tasse  The Ohio State University Nisonger Center  ProponentDownload
 Tom Whiston  Interested Party  ProponentDownload
 Cindy Farson  Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging  Interested PartyDownload
 Sarah Underhill  Interested Party  ProponentDownload
 Jaime Miracle  NARAL Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Kari Jones  Down Syndrome Association of Central Ohio  ProponentDownload
 Kate Neithammer  County Commissioners Association of Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Kristin Mullins  Ohio Grocers Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Tim Harrington  The Ability Center of Greater Toledo  Interested PartyDownload
 Jeffrey Diver  Supports to Encourage Low-Income Families  Interested PartyDownload
 Jason Baker  The Alliance of Early Education  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Jason Orcena  Association of Ohio Health Commissioners  ProponentDownload
 Connie Calhoun  The Arc of Ohio  Proponent
 Cecilia Trissel  null  Interested PartyDownload
 Gary Dougherty  American Diabetes Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Megan Wanczyk  Foundation for Appalachian Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Sherill Wililams  Prevent Blindness, Ohio Affiliate  Interested PartyDownload
 Bev Soult  Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Parks  Dayton Foundation  Interested PartyDownload

March 21, 2017

General Submissions :
Minutes from 3.16.17Minutes from 3.16.17Download
Molina Member StoriesMolina Member StoriesDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 4911th HearingDownload
 Miranda Motter  Ohio Association of Health Plans  Interested PartyDownload
 Bruce Hill  Buckeye Health Plan  ProponentDownload
 Anthony Evans  CareSource  Interested PartyDownload
 Tony Solem  Aetna Better Health of Ohio  ProponentDownload
 Holly Saelens  Molina Healthcare  ProponentDownload
 Jeff Martin  Paramount Advantage  ProponentDownload
 Tracy Davidson  UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Ohio  ProponentDownload
 Kathleene Cormute  United Healthcare  Proponent
 Rochelle Robinson  United Healthcare   Interested Party
 Allan Clapp  Managed Care  Interested Party
 Steven Wermuth  Ohio Aging Services Network  ProponentDownload
 David Parker  HCR Manor Care  OpponentDownload
 Jill Herron  Welcome Nursing Home  OpponentDownload
 David Mirkin  Mirkin and Associates dba Comfort Keepers  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Elizabeth Newman  The Centers for Families and Children  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. Benjamin McDonald  Pediatrix Medical Group  ProponentDownload
 Pastor Eugene Norris  FameFathers  Interested PartyDownload
 Denise Driehaus  Hamilton County Heroin Coalition  ProponentDownload
 Terry Russell  National Alliance on Mental Illness (Ohio)  Interested PartyDownload
 Susan Geary  NAMI Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Gayle Channing Tenenbaum  Center for Community Solutions  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark Butler  Developmental Disabilities  Interested PartyDownload
 Elisha Cangelosi  Franklin County Children Services  Interested PartyDownload
 Raphael Weston  Youth Empowerment Council  Interested Party
 Mary Hall  Concerned Parent  ProponentDownload
 Tara Britton  Center for Community Solutions  Interested PartyDownload
 Loren Anthes  The Center for Community Solutions  Interested PartyDownload
 Precia Stuby  Hancock County Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services  Interested PartyDownload
 Cheri Walter  Ohio Association of County Behavioral Health Authorities  Interested PartyDownload
 Hubert Wirtz  Ohio Council of Behavioral Health and Family Service Providers  ProponentDownload
 Pam Johnson  The Recovery Council  Interested PartyDownload
 Rose Thorne  Ohio MyCare  OpponentDownload
 Raphael Weston  Youth Empowerment Council  Interested PartyDownload

March 16, 2017

General Submissions :
Minutes 3.15.17Minutes 3.15.17Download
American Heart Association Dispatch ArticleAmerican Heart Association Dispatch ArticleDownload
Ohio Assisted Living Association Testimony 2Ohio Assisted Living Association Testimony 2Download
American Heart AssocationAmerican Heart AssociationDownload
Ohio Assisted Living Association Testimony 1Ohio Assisted Living Association Testimony 1Download
Ohio Assisted Living Association Testimony 3Ohio Assisted Living Association 3Download
Make A Wish Testimony 2Make A Wish Testimony 2Download
Make A Wish Testimony 4Make A Wish Testimony 4Download
Make A Wish Testimony 6Make A Wish Testimony 6Download
Make A Wish Testimony 8Make A Wish Testimony 8Download
Make A Wish Testimony 1Make A Wish Testimony 1Download
Make A Wish Testimony 3Make A Wish Testimony 3Download
Make A Wish Testimony 5Make A Wish Testimony 5Download
Make A Wish Testimony 7Make A Wish Testimony 7Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 4910th HearingDownload
 Duana Patton  Ohio District 5 Area Agency on Aging Inc.  Interested PartyDownload
 Jacqui Bradley  Ohio District 3 Area Agency on Aging Inc.  Interested PartyDownload
 Lark Recchie  Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging  Interested PartyDownload
 John Saulitis  Area Agency on Agency 11  Interested PartyDownload
 Sharon Shaffer  Wallick Communities  Interested PartyDownload
 Jean Thompson  Ohio Assisted Living Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Micah Berman  Ohio State University James Comprehensive Cancer Center  ProponentDownload
 Jeff Stephens  American Cancer Society  ProponentDownload
 Doug Kelly  Make-A-Wish Ohio  ProponentDownload
 Kayla Price-David Haverfeld-Patrick & Leah Clevenger-Lorra Fuller-Angela Sausser  Public Children Services Association of Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Laxmi Mehta  American Heart Association  Interested PartyDownload
 Joseph Hanna  American Heart Association  ProponentDownload
 John Lisy  Ohio Association of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors  OpponentDownload
 Julie DiRossi King  Ohio Association of Community Health Centers  OpponentDownload
 Jared Pollick  Third Street Family Health Services Mansfield  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr Dana Vallangeon  Lowers Light Christian Health Center  OpponentDownload
 Beth Tsvetkoff  Ohio Alliance of YMCAs  Interested PartyDownload
 Reem Aly  Health Policy Institute of Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Amy Bush Stevens  Health Policy Institute of Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Allyson Blandford  March of Dimes  Interested PartyDownload
 Jennifer Riha  A Renewed Mind Behavioral Health  OpponentDownload
 Mark Bridenbaugh  Hopewell Health Centers Inc.  OpponentDownload

March 15, 2017

BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 499th HearingDownload
 Shannon Jones  GroundWork Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Sara Junk  Ohio Coalition for Adult Protective Services  OpponentDownload
 Filomena Nelson  Interested Party  Interested PartyDownload
 Francine Ris  Interested Party  ProponentDownload
 Amy Clawson  Interested Party  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark Davis  Ohio Provider Resource Association  ProponentDownload
 Melanie Hogan  Linking Employment, Abilities, and Potential  ProponentDownload
 Gary Tonks  The Arc of Ohio  ProponentDownload
 Bob Steinbach  Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission  Interested PartyDownload
 Dennis Grant  United Rehabilitation Services of Greater Dayton  Interested PartyDownload
 Jeremy Morris  Executive Director  Interested PartyDownload
 Jim McCarthy  President/CEO  Interested PartyDownload
 John Ballard  Tri-County Independent Living Center Inc.  Interested PartyDownload
 Katherine Foley  Executive Director  Interested PartyDownload
 Kay Grier  Executive Director  Interested PartyDownload
 Lin Laing  Executive Director  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark Donaghy  Greater Dayton RTA  Interested PartyDownload
 Pam Davies  Western Reserve Independent Living Center  Interested PartyDownload
 Pam Patula  Southeastern Ohio Center for Independent Living  Interested PartyDownload
 Sue Hetrick  Center for Disability Empowerment  Interested PartyDownload
 Tim Harrington  The Ability Center  Interested PartyDownload
 Carolyn Knight  Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council  Interested PartyDownload

March 14, 2017

General Submissions :
Minutes 3.09.17Minutes 3.09.17Download
Voices for Ohio's Children PrimerVoices for Ohio's Children PrimerDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 498th HearingDownload
 Nan Franks  Addiction Services Council  ProponentDownload
 Mary Stiles  Ohio Guidestone  OpponentDownload
 Jeff Daniels  NAMI  ProponentDownload
 Joe Trolian  Richland County Mental Health Recovery Services  Interested PartyDownload
 Dennis Baker  Mansfield UMADAOP  Interested PartyDownload
 Derek Pidgeon  null  Interested PartyDownload
 Jerry Craig  Summit County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, & Mental Health Services Board  Interested PartyDownload
 Michael Cohen  Summit County Opiate Task Force  Interested PartyDownload
 Marie Higgins  ARC Recovery  Interested PartyDownload
 Dr. James Misak  MetroHealth Systems  Interested PartyDownload
 Lora Miller  Ohio Council of Retail Merchants  OpponentDownload
 Josh Schaffer  null  Interested PartyDownload
 Peter Van Runkle  Ohio Health Care Association  OpponentDownload
 Steve Wagner  UHCAN Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Kathryn Brod  LeadingAge Ohio  Interested PartyDownload
 Mark Ricketts  National Church Residences  Interested PartyDownload
 Brandi Slaughter  Voices for Ohio's Children  Interested PartyDownload
 Davis, Britton,Lampl,Fugitt  Advocates for Ohio's Future  Interested PartyDownload
 Wendy Patton  Policy Matters Ohio  Interested PartyDownload

March 09, 2017

General Submissions :
Minutes from 3.08.17Minutes from 3.08.17Download
JFS RedbookJFS RedbookDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 497th HearingDownload
 Cynthia C. Dungey  Ohio Department of Job and Family Services  ProponentDownload

March 08, 2017

General Submissions :
Department of Medicaid RedbookDepartment of Medicaid RedbookDownload
Minutes from March 7thMinutes from March 7thDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 496th HearingDownload
 Barbara R. Sears  Ohio Department of Medicaid  ProponentDownload

March 07, 2017

General Submissions :
Minutes from March 2, 2017Minutes from March 2, 2017Download
Department of Insurance RedbookDepartment of Insurance RedbookDownload
JMOC RedbookJoint Medicaid Oversight Committee RedbookDownload
Department of Aging RedbookDepartment of Aging RedbookDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 495th HearingDownload
 Jillian Froment  Ohio Department of Insurance  ProponentDownload
 Susan Ackerman  Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee  ProponentDownload
 Stephanie Loucka  Department of Aging  ProponentDownload

March 02, 2017

General Submissions :
minutes from 2017-03-01minutes from 2017-03-01Download
Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services RedbookDepartment of Mental Health and Addiction Services RedbookDownload
Department of Health RedbookDepartment of Health RedbookDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 494th HearingDownload
 Richard Hodges  Department of Health  ProponentDownload
 Tracy J. Plouck  Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services  ProponentDownload
 Tracy J. Plouck  Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services  ProponentDownload
 Tracy J. Plouck  Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services  ProponentDownload

March 01, 2017

General Submissions :
Department of Developmental Disabilities RedbookDepartment of Developmental Disabilities RedbookDownload
minutes from 2017-02-23minutes from 2017-02-23Download
Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities RedbookOpportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities RedbookDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 493rd HearingDownload
 Kevin L. Miller  Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities  ProponentDownload
 John L. Martin  Dept. of Developmental Disabilities  ProponentDownload

February 23, 2017

General Submissions :
Ohio State Dental BoardOhio State Dental BoardDownload
Chemical Dependency Professionals BoardRedbookDownload
Board of NursingBoard of NursingDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 492nd HearingDownload
 Betsy Houchen  Ohio Board of Nursing  ProponentDownload
 Amanda J. Ferguson  Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board  ProponentDownload
 Harry Kamdar  Ohio State Dental Board  ProponentDownload

February 22, 2017

General Submissions :
Redbook-Commission on Minority HealthRedbook-Commission on Minority HealthDownload
Redbook-Ohio Medical BoardRedbook-Ohio Medical BoardDownload
Redbook-Board of PharmacyRedbook-Board of PharmacyDownload
Redbook-Ohio State Chiropractic BoardRedbook-Ohio State Chiropractic BoardDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 491st HearingDownload
 Angela Dawson  Ohio Commission on Minority Health  ProponentDownload
 Kelly Caudill  Ohio State Chiropractic Board  ProponentDownload
 Steven Schierholt  State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy  ProponentDownload
 A.J. Groeber  State Medical Board of Ohio  ProponentDownload