October 23, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes from 9.11.19Minutes from 9.11.19Download
John Quigley S.Res. 176John Quigley S.Res. 176Download
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H. C. R. No. 113rd Hearing
 John Quigley  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Keith Lustig  Constituent from West Chester  ProponentDownload
 Pamela Beck  United Church of Christ Palestine-Israel Network  OpponentDownload
 Don Bryant  Constituent from North Royalton  OpponentDownload

September 11, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes from 6.26.19Minutes from 6.26.19Download
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H. B. No. 2482nd HearingDownloadDownload
 Evan English  Olde English Outfitters  ProponentDownload
 Sean Maloney  National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action  ProponentDownload
 Dean Rieck  Buckeye Firearms Association  ProponentDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. C. R. No. 112nd Hearing
 Terry Conant  Christians United for Israel  ProponentDownload
 Benjamin Mutti  Richland Community Prayer Network  ProponentDownload
 Michael Wolf  Beth Messiah Synagogue, Loveland, OH  ProponentDownload
 Howie Beigelman  Ohio Jewish Communities  ProponentDownload

June 26, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes from 6.19.19Minutes from 6.19.19Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 1788th HearingDownloadDownload
 Cynthia A. Molloy, M.D., M.S.  Constituent from Cincinnati  OpponentDownload
 Cathleen Elliott  Constituent from Mason  OpponentDownload
 Mitchell Pinsky  Students Demand Action- The Ohio State University  OpponentDownload
 Susanne Lane  Constituent from Middletown  OpponentDownload
 Lyndsey Dudley  Constituent from Worthington  OpponentDownload
 Amanda Barron  Constituent from Galloway  OpponentDownload
 Jill Bisping  Constituent from Bexley  OpponentDownload
 Amy Mercer  Constituent from Mason  OpponentDownload
 Kevin Cronin  Constituent from Cleveland  OpponentDownload
 Bruce Pijanowski  Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc.  OpponentDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 2481st HearingDownloadDownload
 Reps. Jena Powell & J. Todd Smith  Ohio House of Representatives  ProponentDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. C. R. No. 111st Hearing
 Rep. Candice Keller  Ohio House of Representatives  ProponentDownload
 Rep. Darrell Kick  Ohio House of Representatives  ProponentDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. R. No. 1401st Hearing
 Rep. Michael Skindell  Ohio House of Representatives  ProponentDownload

June 19, 2019

General Submissions :
AM 0476AM 0476Download
AM 0457X2AM 0457X2Download
AM 0721AM 0721Download
AM 0673AM 0673Download
AM 0681AM 0681Download
AM 0680AM 0680Download
AM 0448AM 0448Download
AM 0755AM 0755Download
AM 0761AM 0761Download
AM 0760AM 0760Download
AM 0477AM 0477Download
Minutes Minutes Download
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H. B. No. 1787th HearingDownloadDownload
 Thomas Austin  Ohio Patrolmen?s Benevolent Association  OpponentDownload
 Alex Heckman   Westerville City Council   OpponentDownload
 Kim Rodecker   Concealed Carry Courses  OpponentDownload
 Sister Barbara Kane   Dominican Sisters of Peace   OpponentDownload
 Randolph Roth  Ohio State University  OpponentDownload
 Dr. Mary Dixon   OpponentDownload
 Jill Galvan    OpponentDownload
 Emily Chesnut   OpponentDownload
 Julie Elkus    OpponentDownload
 Tamara Melnick    OpponentDownload
 Cathi Kulik   OpponentDownload
 Mark Gooch    OpponentDownload
 Keri Butler   OpponentDownload
 Gene Moore    ProponentDownload
 Pat Krummrich    OpponentDownload
 Thomas Herr   OpponentDownload
 Jenny Williams    OpponentDownload
 Deborah Cooper    OpponentDownload
 Daniel Trachman   OpponentDownload
 Greg Lam    OpponentDownload
 Pamela Warrick    OpponentDownload
 Harold and Nikki Langworthy    OpponentDownload
 Nicholas Bugosh   ProponentDownload
 Johnathan VanGeest    ProponentDownload
 David Harper    ProponentDownload
 Gary Witt  Ohioans for Concealed Carry  ProponentDownload
 Kristine Woodworth    OpponentDownload
 Cleveland City Council    OpponentDownload
 Elyria City Council   OpponentDownload
 Lorain City Council    OpponentDownload
 Jill Bowman  Constituent from Maineville  OpponentDownload
 John Vogel  Western Reserve Fish & Game Association  OpponentDownload
 Jim Tobin  Catholic Conference of Ohio  Interested PartyDownload

June 05, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes from 5.29.19Minutes from 5.29.19Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 1786th HearingDownloadDownload
 Dr. Catherine Romanos  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Dr. Amy Whitson  Constituent from Westerville  OpponentDownload
 Matthew Youkilis  Lobbying for a Safer Tomorrow  OpponentDownload
 Lara Baker-Morrish  Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein's Office  OpponentDownload
 Mary Anne Crampton  Moms Demand Action  OpponentDownload
 Rev. Dr. Lee Anne Reat  Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio  OpponentDownload
 Steve Ritchey  Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence  OpponentDownload
 Laura Robertson-Boyd  Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America- Ohio Chapter  OpponentDownload
 Jennifer Scholl  Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence  OpponentDownload
 Rev. Dr. Jack Sullivan, Jr.  Ohio Council of Churches  OpponentDownload
 Dr. Andrew Schamess  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Dina Arias  Constituent from Dublin  OpponentDownload
 Anita Campbell  Constituent from Beavercreek  OpponentDownload
 Dr. Mary Dixon  Constituent from Gahanna  OpponentDownload
 Marja Lasek-Martin  Constituent from Toledo  OpponentDownload
 Rev. Francis Miller  Constituent from Mentor  OpponentDownload
 Richele O'Connor  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Mary Ellen Steele-Pierce  Constituent from Milford  OpponentDownload
 Jill Galvan  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Jared Gardner  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Crystal Turner  Constituent from Canal Winchester  OpponentDownload
 Kevin Cronin  Constituent from Cleveland  OpponentDownload
 Chief Bruce Pijanowski  Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police  OpponentDownload
 Dr. Roma Amin  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Dr. Ean Bett  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Patrick Costa  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Anna Jones  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Katie Love  Constituent from Circleville  OpponentDownload
 Dr. Daniel Mudrick  Constituent from Upper Arlington  OpponentDownload
 Rebecca S. Hall  Constituent from Mayfield Village  OpponentDownload
 Dr. Anita Somani  Constituent from Dublin  OpponentDownload

May 29, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes from 05.22.19Minutes from 05.22.19Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 1785th HearingDownloadDownload
 Betsy Mitchell  Constituent from New Richmond  OpponentDownload
 Kristine Woodworth  Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America  OpponentDownload
 Laurine Crowther  Constituent from Worthington  OpponentDownload
 Julie Womack  Moms Demand Action  OpponentDownload
 John Vogel  Western Reserve Fish and Game Association  OpponentDownload
 Sarah Barry  Constituent from Delaware  OpponentDownload
 Marguerite Boeckmann  Moms Demand Action  OpponentDownload
 Daniel Trachman  Constituent from Girard  OpponentDownload
 Jane Timmons-Mitchell, Ph.D.  Case Western Reserve University  OpponentDownload
 Lauren Squires  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Zane Jones  Constituent from Columbus  OpponentDownload
 Mike Weinman  Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio  OpponentDownload
 Andrea R. Yagoda  Constituent from Delaware  OpponentDownload
 Valerie Cumming  Westerville City Council  OpponentDownload

May 22, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes from 5.8.19Minutes from 5.8.19Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 1784th HearingDownloadDownload
 Molly Voigt   Giffords   OpponentDownload
 Rosie Craig  League of Women Voters   OpponentDownload
 Toby Hoover  Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence   OpponentDownload
 Lara Kowalcyk   OpponentDownload
 Laura Irvin  Moms Demand Action   OpponentDownload
 Michele Kaminsky  National Council of Jewish Women   OpponentDownload
 Carolina Lopez-Ruiz   OpponentDownload
 Annie Volker   Students Demand Action- Grandview Heights High School  OpponentDownload
 Sieglinde Martin   OpponentDownload
 Louis Tobin  Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association  OpponentDownload
 Michael Haynes  Toledo Patrolman's Association   OpponentDownload
 Lisa Voigt   OpponentDownload
 Jack D'Aurora  The Behal Law Group LLC  OpponentDownload
 Brenda Clark    OpponentDownload
 Matthew Lutz  Buckeye State Sheriffs' Association  OpponentDownload
 Thomas Riggenbach  Van Wert County Sheriff's Office  OpponentDownload
 Laura Osborn-Coffey   OpponentDownload
 Dirk Cantrell   OpponentDownload
 Kelley Fox   OpponentDownload
 Emma Green    OpponentDownload
 Christopher Delaney   Toledo City Council   OpponentDownload
 David Eggert  God Before Guns   OpponentDownload
 Deborah Cooper   OpponentDownload
 Emma Marks    OpponentDownload
 Phyllis Carlson-Riehm  ACTION OHIO Coalition For Battered Women  OpponentDownload
 Christopher Kostura  Orange Village Police Department  OpponentDownload
 Jane F. Myers  Constituent from Wapakoneta  OpponentDownload

May 08, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes Minutes Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 1783rd HearingDownloadDownload
 Gary Witt  Ohioans for Concealed Carry  ProponentDownload
 Doug Deeken   Ohioans for Concealed Carry  ProponentDownload
 Penny-Jo Thress  Constituent from New Lexington  ProponentDownload
 Chris Dorr  Ohio Gun Owners  ProponentDownload
 Maj. Theodore Owens, Ret.  Ohio Association of Security & Investigation Services  ProponentDownload
 Jeffry Smith  Ohio Citizens Defense League, Campus Carry Coalition  ProponentDownload
 Wendell Thomas  Constituent from Latty  ProponentDownload
 Gene Moore  Constituent from Strongsville  ProponentDownload
 Brandon S. Pack  Pack-Man Reloaded  ProponentDownload
 Robert Jones  Constituent from Jamestown  ProponentDownload
 David & Sam Ludtman  Constituents from Reno  ProponentDownload
 Michael J. Ziegelhofer  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Donna Mabrey Lahner  Constituent from Kenton  ProponentDownload
 John Nagel  Constituent from Bryan  ProponentDownload
 Michael Taylor  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Tim Dimoff  SACS Consulting and Investigative Services, Inc.  ProponentDownload
 Darryl & Dona Cox  Constituents from Mentor  ProponentDownload
 Troy Thacker  Constituent from Wintersville  ProponentDownload

May 01, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes from 4.10.19Minutes from 4.10.19Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 1782nd HearingDownloadDownload
 Brenden Boudreau  National Association of Gun Rights  ProponentDownload
 Karl Atkins  Constituent from Springfield  ProponentDownload
 Bruce A. Beatty  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Antonia Blake  Constituent from Guernsey County  ProponentDownload
 Isaac Carpenter  Constituent from Urbana  ProponentDownload
 James Cropper  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Cody Fulks  Constituent from Columbus  ProponentDownload
 Jeff Hopton  Constituent from Marion  ProponentDownload
 Lennie Jarratt  Heartland Institute  ProponentDownload
 Maj. Theodore Owens  Ohio Association of Security and Investigation Services  ProponentDownload
 Gary Pfuehler  Constituent from Fairfield  ProponentDownload
 Paul Riley  Constituent from Georgetown  ProponentDownload
 Drake Ross  Constituent from Columbus  ProponentDownload
 Aaron Schlabach  Constituent from Grove City  ProponentDownload
 Shelli Sharp  Constituent from Chillicothe  ProponentDownload
 Jim Sizemore  Constituent from Circleville  ProponentDownload
 Chris Sprauer  Constituent from Troy  ProponentDownload
 Penny-Jo Thress  Constituent from New Lexington  ProponentDownload
 Gary Allocco  Constituent from Lorain  ProponentDownload
 Richard Balser  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 David Blanton  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Lawrence J. Block  Constituent from Willowick  ProponentDownload
 Rodney Buchwald  Constituent from Macedonia  ProponentDownload
 Nicholas Bugosh  Constituent from Parma  ProponentDownload
 Dale Cameron  Constituent from Stow  ProponentDownload
 Tony Carr  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Jeffrey E. Cline  Constituent from Mansfield  ProponentDownload
 David Collins, Jr.  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Mike Cutright, II  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 John Darke  Constituent from Cuyahoga Falls  ProponentDownload
 T.J. Downey  Constituent from New Bloomington  ProponentDownload
 Michael Goddard  Constituent from Crestline  ProponentDownload
 Steve Haas  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Elise Harper  Constituent from Hartville  ProponentDownload
 Gale Joy  Constituent from New Lebanon  ProponentDownload
 Terry Kaylor  Constituent from Reedsville  ProponentDownload
 Craig D. Keller  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Ryan Marlowe  Constituent from Ashville  ProponentDownload
 June D. Meek  Constituent from Garfield Heights  ProponentDownload
 Charles Miles  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Ron Miltz  Constituent from Genoa  ProponentDownload
 Mike Mosier  Constituent from Crestline  ProponentDownload
 Ray Pickett, Jr.  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Edwin Porter  An Ohio resident  ProponentDownload
 Joe Rieger  Constituent from Dayton  ProponentDownload
 Joseph Robinson  Constituent from Beaver  ProponentDownload
 Gary Peacock  Constituent from Loveland  ProponentDownload
 Curtis Price  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 John Sanders  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Duane R. Seegert  Constituent from Cortland  ProponentDownload
 Joseph Scott  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Shannon Shortridge  Constituent from Columbus  ProponentDownload
 Rev. T.J. Smith  Constituent from Marion  ProponentDownload
 Hank Steward  An Ohio Resident  ProponentDownload
 Dylan Maffett  Constituent from Mansfield  Proponent
 Chris Shamy  Constituent from New Carlisle  ProponentDownload

April 10, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes from 4.3.19Minutes from 4.3.19Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 1781st HearingDownloadDownload
 Rep. Ron Hood; Rep. Tom Brinkman  Ohio House of Representatives  ProponentDownload

April 03, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes from 3.13.19Minutes from 3.13.19Download
Chris DorrOhio Gun OwnersDownload
Richele O'ConnorMoms Demand ActionDownload

March 13, 2019

General Submissions :
Minutes 03-06-19Minutes 03-06-19Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 701st HearingDownloadDownload
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. C. R. No. 41st Hearing
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. C. R. No. 51st Hearing
 Rep. Jack Cera    ProponentDownload

March 06, 2019

General Submissions :
minutes from 2019-02-20minutes from 2019-02-20Download
BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
Informal Testimony- Federalism & the 10th Amendment
 Michael Maharrey   ProponentDownload

February 20, 2019

BillStatusAmendmentsFiscal NotesAnalysis
H. B. No. 861st HearingDownloadDownload

February 13, 2019

General Submissions :
Ellen HortonArticle V Download
Thomas Jefferson Letter FederalismDownload
James Madison LetterAmendment by Convention Download
Rita DunawayRita DunawayDownload
Becker Debate RulesBecker Debate RulesDownload
US Constitution Article VUS Constitution Article VDownload