Armond Budish (D), District 8

No Committee Listed

Barbara Boyd (D), District 9

No Committee Listed

John Patrick Carney (D), District 22

Health and Aging
Insurance - Ranking Minority Member
Policy and Legislative Oversight

Tracy Maxwell Heard (D), District 26

Rules and Reference - Ranking Minority Member

Alicia Reece (D), District 33

Finance and Appropriations
Transportation Subcommittee - Ranking Minority Member

Vernon Sykes (D), District 34

Finance and Appropriations - Ranking Minority Member
Policy and Legislative Oversight

Marilyn Slaby (R), District 38


Jim Butler (R), District 41

Judiciary - Chair
Public Utilities

Niraj J. Antani (R), District 42

No Committee Listed

Teresa Fedor (D), District 45

Education - Ranking Minority Member
Military and Veterans Affairs

Vacant, District 54

No Committee Listed

Ronald V. Gerberry (D), District 59

Policy and Legislative Oversight - Ranking Minority Member
State and Local Government

Tom Letson (D), District 64

Manufacturing and Workforce Development
Ways and Means - Ranking Minority Member

William G. Batchelder (R), District 69

Rules and Reference - Vice Chair

Lynn R. Wachtmann (R), District 81

Health and Aging - Chair