Nicholas Celebrezze (D), District 15

Civil Justice 
Criminal Justice - Ranking Member
Rules and Reference 

Kristin Boggs (D), District 18

Civil Justice - Ranking Member
Public Utilities 
Rules and Reference 

Anne Gonzales (R), District 19

Public Utilities 

Laura Lanese (R), District 23

Civil Justice - Vice Chair
Criminal Justice 

Marilyn Slaby (R), District 38

Education and Career Readiness - Vice Chair

Fred Strahorn (D), District 39

Rules and Reference - Ranking Member

Michael Henne (R), District 40

Education and Career Readiness 
Insurance - Vice Chair
Ways and Means 

J. Todd Smith (R), District 43

No Committee Listed

John A. Boccieri (D), District 59

Energy and Natural Resources 
Insurance - Ranking Member
Public Utilities 

Stephen A. Huffman (R), District 80

Education and Career Readiness 
Health - Chair

Ryan Smith (R), District 93

Conference Committee on HB26 - Chair
Conference Committee on HB49 - Chair
Rules and Reference - Chair