Michael Stinziano (D), District 18

Judiciary - Ranking Member
Public Utilities

Anne Gonzales (R), District 19

Health and Aging - Chair

Kristina Roegner (R), District 37

Commerce and Labor
Public Utilities - Vice Chair

Fred Strahorn (D), District 39

Rules and Reference - Ranking Member

Mike Ashford (D), District 44

Local Government
Public Utilities - Ranking Member

Nathan H. Manning (R), District 55

Judiciary - Vice Chair
Public Utilities

John M. Rogers (D), District 60

Local Government - Ranking Member
Public Utilities
Ways and Means

Stephen A. Huffman (R), District 80

Health and Aging - Vice Chair
State Government

Vacant, District 89

No Committee Listed

Cliff Rosenberger (R), District 91

Rules and Reference - Vice Chair