Nicholas Celebrezze (D), District 15

Civil Justice 
Criminal Justice - Ranking Member
Rules and Reference 

Kristin Boggs (D), District 18

Civil Justice - Ranking Member
Public Utilities 
Rules and Reference 

Anne Gonzales (R), District 19

Public Utilities 

Marilyn Slaby (R), District 38

Education and Career Readiness - Vice Chair

Fred Strahorn (D), District 39

Rules and Reference - Ranking Member

Michael Henne (R), District 40

Education and Career Readiness 
Insurance - Vice Chair
Ways and Means 

John A. Boccieri (D), District 59

Energy and Natural Resources 
Insurance - Ranking Member
Public Utilities 

James M. Hoops (R), District 81

No Committee Listed

Riordan T. McClain (R), District 87

No Committee Listed

Clifford A. Rosenberger (R), District 91

Rules and Reference - Chair