Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) today announced the appointment of Marcie Seidel and James “Ted” Bibart to the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee.

Under the new law that establishes a medical marijuana program in Ohio, the Speaker of the Ohio House is to appoint two members to serve on the advisory committee; one to represent mental health treatment, and one to represent patient interests. Speaker Rosenberger has selected Seidel to represent persons involved in mental health treatment, while Bibart has been selected to represent patients.

“After much consideration, I am pleased to appoint both Marcie Seidel and Ted Bibart to fill these important roles on the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee,” Speaker Rosenberger said. “In establishing this medical marijuana program within our state, we have made a commitment to Ohioans to select the very best individuals who can assist in making this program successful. I am confident that the knowledge and experience that Marcie and Ted bring to the table make them the best choices in representing mental health treatment and patient interests on this committee.”

Seidel currently serves as the executive director of Drug Free Action Alliance, an organization that has studied in depth the ramifications of the various medical marijuana laws across the nation and its impact on communities. Through her work on the Drug Free Action Alliance, she will provide a broad understanding of working with and advocating on behalf of mental health and addiction professionals.

Bibart has considerable expertise in the field of medical marijuana regulation through his position in the Regulated Industries Practice Group at Benesch Attorneys at Law. As legislative analyst, Bibart has devoted much of his time to studying other states as they establish the statutory and regulatory framework needed to implement a medical marijuana program.

These appointments to the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee are effective today, October 6th. 

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