Lawmakers To Hold Higher Education Study Committee Hearing
Hearing will be held September 9th at Columbus State Community College

State Representative Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville), who was recently appointed by Ohio House Speaker William G. Batchelder as chair of the House Higher Education Study Committee, has announced that the study committee will be holding one of its final statewide hearings September 9th in Columbus.

The hearing will be held at Columbus State Community College’s Center for Workforce Development at 6 p.m. The hearing will focus on reducing the costs of higher education, with special emphasis on faculty workloads, the role of technology and blended learning, state funding, and institutional collaboration and partnerships. The committee expects to hear from Economics Professor Richard Vedder, Ph.D., who has been featured on CBS News hour on the topic of “the rising cost of education” and is well known for his expertise in college affordability.

“We have had a very successful summer of hearings throughout the state,” Chairman Rosenberger said. “We are grateful for those who have offered testimony and we are encouraged that we will be able to use their insightful comment to address concerns that our higher education community faces. Our summer is drawing to an end, and with two hearings left, we are excited to get back to Columbus to consider the data we have collected over our tour.”

This will be the fifth of six hearings for the Higher Education Study Committee members. At previous hearings, the committee members examined the issues of higher education affordability, ways of receiving a degree and transferring credits, as well as how to connect higher education to Ohio’s workforce needs.

The hearing is open to the public, and those wishing to testify should contact Chairman Rosenberger’s office.

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