I am proud of the work that is done in the Ohio House, not only from a legislative standpoint, but also the day-to-day interactions that take place between each office and their respective constituents. While our goal as legislators is to be open and responsive to all of the people we serve, the summer months—when official House session goes on break—provide more opportunities for getting out in the districts and meeting with the people of this great state.

Over the past few months, I have been traveling around Ohio, meeting with legislators from both sides of the aisle in their districts and with the people they represent. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Ohio is bigger than it gets credit for, as my journey thus far has surpassed 4,000 miles. As the Speaker of the House, these visits have given me a chance to see first-hand the issues that are important to each member and people from all corners of the state.

My travels included things like touring local businesses, holding roundtable discussions for improving our economy, visiting county fairs, speaking to high school students and meeting with local government officials. At the end of the day, these are the people that make our state work, and it was a sincere pleasure for me to get out and meet these men and women face to face.

I believe our system of government works best when the people are directly involved in the conversations and issues that are most important to their daily lives and their families. Other House members were also traveling around the state as part of summer committees, looking more closely at issues such as agriculture, poverty and health care. I am confident that the ideas that were shared in these committees over the summer will help the legislature address these issues and so many others that will help continue moving our state in a positive direction.

Now that summer has turned to fall, official House sessions will be resuming in Columbus. I look forward to a busy end of the year in the House. I will also continue to hold office hours within the 91st District and encourage the residents of Clinton, Highland, Ross and Pike counties to attend to share their ideas and concerns with me.

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