State Representatives Christina Hagan (R-Alliance) and Dan Ramos (D-Lorain) today held a press conference on House Bill 85, “Erin’s Law”, which requires each school district, community school and STEM school to include annual age-appropriate instruction in child sexual abuse prevention for students grade K-6, teachers and other professionals. “Erin’s Law” has been passed into law in 20 states.

The bill is named for Erin Merryn, an author and activist who was the victim of continued abuse as a child. She is now nationally recognized as a leader on this issue, promoting sexual abuse prevention education to children. Merryn spoke at the press conference alongside the representatives to promote the bill.

“Erin Merryn has dedicated her life’s work to saving children from the evil that exists by making her mission education about sexual abuse in America,” said Rep. Hagan. “This legislation that we are putting forth helps to achieve one of Erin’s many goals. She has a vision to educate children in hopes of lessening occurrences of sexual abuse, and providing access to counseling and resources when they have been sexually abused. Erin’s Law has now been passed into law to protect and educate children in 20 states. Ohio is just one of the many states pending approval and passage. We are very hopeful that Ohio can accomplish this goal in 2015 to help advance Erin’s vision of educating our youth in all 50 states.”

“Few issues can affect the long-term mental health and success of a student as much as the tragedy of sexual abuse,” said Rep. Ramos. “I believe we have an obligation to our communities and to our state’s citizens to find common ground when working to help these children."   

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