State Rep. Hagan Holds Press Conference At Ohio Statehouse
Legislation Would Build Access to Presumptive Cancer Care for Firefighters

State Representative Christina Hagan (R-Alliance) today held a press conference at the Ohio Statehouse to discuss a bill she is sponsoring, which seeks to help full-time and volunteer firefighters build access to presumptive care for cancer that is contracted through the line of duty.


Rep. Hagan spoke of her family members and friends serving as full-time and volunteer firefighters. She was joined by Mark Rine, a Columbus firefighter, who has served for 10 years alongside her brother and was diagnosed with cancer that developed while serving in the line of duty.


“This legislation is intended to take a proactive approach to save the lives of some of our state’s bravest men and women, like Mark, through both preventative screening and educational measures,” said Hagan. “Presumptive care legislation would help us to join 35 other states that value the sanctity of our firefighters and first responders lives when in hazardous duty. We know that firefighters are at risk due to their work in dangerous work zones, and that they experience a higher rate of carcinogen absorption due to heightened temperature and toxin exposure. In the city of Columbus, 1 in 14 firefighters have cancer as opposed to 1 out of 176 of the general population.” 


The legislation asks that those involved in the application process to become a firefighter complete a pre-hire screening for cancer in addition to the regular physical and cardiovascular screening, meant to preemptively protect the men and women who choose this career path.  The bill also requires that the minimum years of service to be eligible for consideration be five.


The bill would bring Ohio in line with the 35 other states that have presumptive care in place for firefighters who contract cancer during their service.

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