State Rep. Christina Hagan Introduces Bill To Expand Epinephrine Access
Legislation Would Permit Restaurants, Amusement Parks, Sports Facilities and others to stock epinephrine

State Representative Christina Hagan (R-Alliance) yesterday introduced a bill that would allow any entity that serves food to have non-patient specific epinephrine in their facility. Such places may include restaurants, colleges and universities, places of employment, amusement parks, sports facilities, child care settings and other locations.

"This legislation is a step towards providing local businesses with one more opportunity to protect their clientele from food allergies,” said Hagan. “As a server myself for many years, I recognize how great having the ability to reverse an allergic reaction caused by food allergies could be. We want to keep people as safe as possible when dealing with allergies during a dining experience."

The bill would not require any entity to stock epinephrine, but does permit them to have it on premises for emergency situations.  Any entity that chooses to stock epinephrine would follow protocol to maintain undesignated epinephrine auto-injectors.  The bill outlines training to be provided as well as liability protection for employees trained to administer an epinephrine dose in the prescribed manner.

Other states have enacted or are working on similar legislation.  Florida, Oregon and Rhode Island have enacted legislation.  Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Utah and West Virginia have passed entity epinephrine laws, with Colorado and Oklahoma awaiting their governor’s signature.  Similar legislation is pending in at least 17 other states.  

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