Rep. Hagan Applauds Passage Of House Bill 10
Legislation Encourages Fiscal Accountability in Ohio

COLUMBUS—State Representative Christina Hagan  (R-Alliance) today applauded the recent House passage of House Bill 10, legislation that seeks to protect public tax dollars by increasing the accountability of fiscal officers within local governments.

The legislation, which stemmed from a fiscal offense in Stark county, establishes procedures for removing fiscal officers, county treasurers and county auditors from office when a fiscal offense takes place. Furthermore, the bill establishes educational programs and continuing education requirements for fiscal officers in order to better prepare them for their various positions.

The bill also creates fiscal accountability requirements for schools that have been declared inauditable by the Auditor of State, including requiring them to submit an audit completion plan and suspending a school treasurer if the school is declared inauditable. 

“This case in Stark County along with many other cases in Ohio is the reason to take action, and hope that such tragic occurrences never take place in Stark County or Ohio again,” Rep. Hagan said.  “Ohioans deserve the ability to keep those they entrust with financial responsibility accountable and Ohioans also deserve the peace of mind that comes with further education on Ohio’s ethics laws.  I hope to see the swift passage of this legislation through the Senate.”

Amendments added in committee include appointing an acting county officer to serve as an interim official during the process of appointing an official, eliminating the requirement that a municipality’s actual expenses come from their general fund, and specifying what constitutes a fiscal offense. 

The bill will now move to the Senate for further consideration.


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