Rep. Christina M. Hagan Applauds House Passage Of Biennial Budget
Am. Sub. H.B. 59 increases funding for schools, cuts income taxes, and begins to transform health care in Ohio

State Representative Christina Hagan (R-Marlboro Township) has announced that the Ohio House of Representatives passed a comprehensive state operating budget that provides crucial assistance to schools and community programs, while at the same time reducing the burden on Ohio’s taxpayers.

In addition to providing Ohioans with a $1.5 billion state income tax cut over the next two years, Amended Substitute House Bill 59 also ensures that none of Ohio’s school districts will receive less state aid than they did in FY 2013, increases funding for special education, mental health services and addiction services, and takes significant steps to make higher education more affordable.

“I am thankful to have taken part in this budget process and worked personally with our community to improve the direction of the state's budget to reflect the conversations we have had through the past several months,” Rep. Hagan said. “Schools in Stark County will fare particularly well, and we have improved the funding formula to reflect the reality of transportation costs in school districts. I am thrilled to announce the House placing great emphasis on returning Ohioans hard earned wages through a permanent 7 percent income tax cut. This budget is reasonably balanced and reflective of what we can do as our state recovers from former economic hardships. ”

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