Ohio House Passes Bill To Expand Epinephrine Access
Legislation Would Permit Restaurants, Amusement Parks, Sports Facilities and others to stock epinephrine
December 01, 2015
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COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representative today passed House Bill 200, sponsored by State Representative Christina Hagan (R-Alliance), which expands the list of facilities that are able to obtain non-patient specific epinephrine for the purpose of treating anaphylactic shock. Such places included in the legislation are restaurants, colleges and universities, amusement parks, sports facilities, child care settings and other locations.

“When having only moments to respond means the difference between life and death, it should be a priority of ours as Legislators to expand access to life saving measures as HB200 allows us to accomplish,” said Hagan. “90,000 visits to the ER and 1,500 deaths annually can be attributed to anaphylactic reactions to common allergens, many of these reactions occurring are happening to people who had no previous knowledge of such an allergy.”

House Bill 200 does not require facilities to stock epinephrine, but instead permits them to obtain it for emergencies due to allergic reactions. The legislation states that any entity that chooses to stock epinephrine auto-injectors must follow physician guidelines in order to administer the epi-pens. Additionally, the bill provides liability protection for employees who are trained to administer the epinephrine.

“I am thankful to lead on a bill that prioritizes the health and safety of fellow Ohioans, as a server and former coach I have seen how quickly such emergencies can occur and want nothing more than to provide solutions to life compromising circumstances,” Hagan said.

Last General Assembly, the Ohio House passed similar legislation allowing public and private schools, as well as youth camps, to acquire epi-pens for emergency situations. In one Akron school district, two students’ lives have already been saved due to the school being able to have epinephrine ready to administer.

House Bill 200 now moves to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

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