State Representative Christina Hagan (R-Marlboro Township) today announced that House Bill 193 passed out of the House Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee. The bill prohibits organizational entities and employers from mandating an influenza vaccination as a term of employment.

House Bill 193 protects Ohioans from repercussions if they refuse an influenza vaccine, thus empowering them to make their own decisions regarding their health care without putting their job in jeopardy. In an effort to act on concerns brought forward by medical professionals in the 50th House District, Rep. Hagan noted in testimony the possible risks and low efficacy rate of flu vaccines and maintained that mandating vaccination is a violation of personal freedom.

"Ohioans’ jobs, health and right to informed consent and personal autonomy matter. Freedom matters. People matter," Rep Hagan said. “Today the Statehouse was truly the peoples' house. It is far too infrequent that the voices of individuals are victorious in government chambers, far too often the common person is drowned out by the weight of special interests. Ohioans left the room this afternoon knowing their voice and their efforts can, should and do make a meaningful difference in Ohio's policy direction. I am pleased to have helped in advancing their voice."

The bill received support and proponent testimony from a wide variety of medical professionals such as physicians, hospital employees and pharmacists as well as other Ohio citizens throughout the committee process.

State Rep. Hagan is currently serving her third term in the Ohio House of Representatives. She represents the 50th House District, which includes portions of Stark County.

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