Rep. Ingram Pushes For Timely Student Records Transfers With House Bill 418
Bill to standardize records transfer protocols at Ohio schools

State Rep. Catherine D. Ingram (D-Cincinnati) today announced the introduction of House Bill (HB) 418, the Expediting the Transfer of Student Records Act, legislation that would require K-12 schools in Ohio to, upon request, transfer student records to another school within five school days.

“While most transfers of student records are done in a timely and efficient manner, that is not always the case, and there is no legal mechanism to enforce timely transfers,” said Rep. Ingram. “This is commonsense, nonpartisan legislation that impacts and treats all schools—public, private, and charter—equally.”

There is no timeframe under current Ohio law for a primary or secondary school to follow when a student’s parent or guardian makes a request to transfer records when the student changes schools. HB 418 would standardize transfer protocols among Ohio’s thousands of K-12 schools and hundreds of individual school districts by requiring transfer requests to be executed within five school days.

HB 418 is currently awaiting committee assignment in the Ohio House.

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