COLUMBUS—State Representative Candice Keller (R-Middletown) yesterday applauded the Ohio House’s passage of legislation that provides intimate partner violence victims with further protections under Ohio law. 

As the first bill introduced in the 132nd General Assembly, House Bill 1 allows individuals who were harmed by an intimate partner, or someone they are dating, to obtain a civil protective order against their attacker. Ohio is one of only two states in the nation that does not offer this protection, and today the Ohio House took steps to ensure that these victims have the resources needed to protect themselves.

“I was very pleased to see this legislation pass the House with overwhelming support,” said Rep. Keller. “I am a strong supporter of providing protection and justice for those who have been victims of violence and I am confident that this bill, if signed into law, will provide peace of mind for those who need it most.”

House Bill 1 would allow victims of dating violence to petition the court for a civil protection order. Under current law, committed relationships in which the individuals do not reside in the same home or share a child in common are not covered under the law. However, this bill allows vulnerable victims in these instances to file for a protection order similar to protection orders pertaining to domestic violence. By updating the statute, Ohio is taking steps to protect victims of abuse in dating situations and to prevent future harm.

House Bill 1 will now head to the Senate for further consideration.

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