As a newly elected state representative, I learn more every day about bills that the legislature has passed in previous general assemblies that benefit Ohioans and offer solutions for those who are in need. I was recently made aware of a wonderful program for disabled individuals called the STABLE account program. This program is designed to help individuals with disabilities live a more independent and financially secure lifestyle.

In December 2014, Congress passed the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act, allowing individuals with disabilities nationwide the ability to create accounts that can be used to help maintain health, independence, and quality of life. Last year, the Ohio General Assembly passed legislation that implemented STABLE accounts in Ohio, which is administered through the State Treasurer’s office.

This program allows individuals with disabilities to establish an account where they can save and invest money, without the risk of losing eligibility for federal benefit programs. Deposits are easily made online, by the account holder or a family member, and a debit card can be obtained to assist in other transactions.

Living with a disability results in many added costs to everyday life. Expenses such as transportation, healthcare, and other needs add up quickly and can be burdensome to the individual and their families. Opening a STABLE account is a safe and common-sense way to empower disabled individuals and their families to have long-term savings and peace of mind for the future.

I was very pleased to learn about the STABLE account program and the good work that the legislature has done to ensure that people with disabilities have a higher quality of life and independence.  If you or someone you know would like to learn more about the STABLE program, please go to: for more information.

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