We know that emergency service personnel - and military service members - make important contributions to our communities every day. Whether a crime in progress, a house on fire, an injury to a loved one, or the ongoing protection of our state and nation, these individuals and their families make great sacrifice to serve.

It should come as no surprise then that some people care to acknowledge this sacrifice and service by displaying a thin line flag at their place of residence. However, as newly proposed legislation is currently written, the only prohibition on restricting the display of safety service flags would be for the thin blue line flag, recognizing law enforcement.

I am proposing a different solution- an amendment which would modify the bill so that "thin blue line flag " would be replaced with "military or safety service flag" and would also include the following thin line flags: 

  • thin red line for firefighters

  • Thin green line for federal enforcement agents and military

    • And thin Camouflage line in recognition of military; both are used

  • Thin white line for emergency medical service workers

We should create an equal opportunity for these important military and safety service positions to be recognized, so I hope you will join me in supporting this amendment.


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