COLUMBUS – Legislation to support Manchester Local School District and several other schools facing funding shortfalls after local power plant closures was signed into law today by Governor DeWine, announced State Representative Brian Baldridge (R-Winchester).

House Bill 164, supported by Baldridge, passed out of the Ohio House of Representatives on June 11, 2020, after House members concurred with Senate amendments made to the bill.

Ohio’s complex system for school funding heavily relies on a mix of state and local tax revenue. When large power plants such as Killen Station and J.M. Stuart shut down, part of the local fallout is that local tax revenue for the area school district declines. In some cases, that impact can have significant consequences.

Several school districts across Ohio are facing local funding reductions as the result of power plant shutdowns. Under House Bill 164, with amendments inspired by Baldridge’s legislation, House Bill 651, school districts that experienced a 10 percent or more decrease in utility tangible property tax would receive additional support from the state.

The Ohio Legislation Service Commission estimates that under the bill, Manchester will receive an additional $1,318,835 in funding to assist them with the crippling financial burden of the closure of two power plants in 2018. It is likely this annual amount will increase over the next few years.

“I know first-handedly the catastrophic impact of losing the power plants, our largest employer and tax payer, had on our community. HB 164 was an opportunity for state government to be part of the solution. State school funding has had issues due to the state calculation and the lag time on how education money is dissimulated to local school districts. I was proud to fight for and tell Manchester Local School District’s story to my colleagues, which led to sending state money to help our local community,” stated Baldridge.


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