COLUMBUS—State Representative Bill Reineke (R-Tiffin) today visited second grade students at Krout Elementary School, which is part of Tiffin City Schools. Rep. Reineke represents Sandusky County and potions of Seneca County.

Today’s school visit was organized with the help of Kim Orwig, one of the elementary school’s second grade teachers. While there, Rep. Reineke explained his role as a state representative to the students, tying in aspects covered in the second grade social studies curriculum as outlined by the Ohio Department of Education.

In his discussion, Rep. Reineke in particular focused on civic participation, effective communication and analysis skills, and personal responsibility. He stressed the importance of being involved in your community and honing these skills to be a valuable citizen in a democracy.

“I truly enjoyed visiting with the students of Krout Elementary School today while in the district, said Rep. Reineke. “It is crucially important to teach children at this age the value of public service and giving back to your community so they will carry these qualities throughout their lives.”

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