COLUMBUS— House Bill 8 revises the requirements for foster caregiver training in Ohio so that these potential foster parents can be trained, licensed, and approved in a more effective manner.  As a direct result of the ongoing drug addiction crisis, Ohio’s foster care system is currently experiencing an unprecedented pressure and strain.

This legislation marks a vital step in restoring Ohio’s family-first promise.  Legislators need to continue to work together to improve our state, and ensure that all of Ohio’s children can live out their dreams.

“This legislation is even necessary in the 88th district, to cut back the red tape, enabling those who are on the frontlines of Ohio’s foster care crisis to act swiftly and effectively,” said Rep. Reineke (R-Tiffin). “House Bill 8 will lighten the load of Ohio’s over-burdened foster care system while also ensuing the well-being of our children.”

Additionally, House Bill 4, legislation that streamlines Ohio’s process for creating new job training certificates and industry-recognized credential programs, was also passed.

“Removing barriers and giving businesses access to a skilled workforce is vital for today’s work economy,” said Rep. Reineke

Under the bill, businesses who believe a new job training certificate program is needed would be able to work directly with the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation, which would then vet the proposal and work with state education officials to develop curriculum, standards, or materials necessary for the credential or certificate program.

Both bills passed the Ohio House unanimously and now head to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.

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