Guest Column: Thanksgiving In Our Communities
State Representative Bill Reineke
November 24, 2015
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For the most part, the leaves have all turned and fallen to the ground. Sunsets come earlier, and the winds blow a little colder. Yes, we are officially headed towards the end of the year and the coming of winter. But before the final season can arrive, we can all pause and remember the many things in our lives for which we can give thanks.

For one thing, we all can be thankful to live in such great communities. These places where we live and work, where we have chosen to raise our families, are near and dear to us. If we take a step back and think about it, our communities are as great as they are because we make them that way. We are all, despite our differences in thoughts and opinions, upbringings and backgrounds, trying to make tomorrow better than it was today. This determination is the very essence of America, uniting us far more than anything can divide us.

We are blessed beyond measure to experience our freedom right here at home. Yet we must also remember those who cannot enjoy turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving because they are around the globe serving our country. Let us be especially thankful of our men and women fighting to defend our liberty, giving us a chance to celebrate with our loved ones gathered around us.

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