Guest Column: Saying Goodbye To Carol Yager
State Representative Bill Reineke
January 20, 2016
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Tiffin and Seneca County lost an ambassador and dear friend, Carol Yager, to cancer last week. We will remember Carol as the co-owner of Crystal Traditions and the premier marketer for our area.

Many people may know of Carol's tireless efforts to promote Tiffin and Seneca County whenever, however and to whomever she could. Her desire was not for people to simply pass through the area, but to create an entire Tiffin “experience” for groups of visitors. She believed in her friends and neighbors who make Tiffin the wonderful place that it is, working hard to convince tour bus operators that Tiffin was the place to visit, especially considering the bus operators could choose from many choices. She knew these visitors brought economic opportunity to Tiffin for the local merchants who could then continue to invest back into our community.

Always full of enthusiasm, she was eager to share the good news surrounding Tiffin, whether it was a new marketing strategy that worked, or that the State of Ohio was featuring Tiffin in its Ohio magazine, or even that a visitor came all the way from California to see all Tiffin had to offer.

Her passion extended to her own business, which featured the Old Tiffin Glass Label. If you visited her store, you would know she had a glassblower on site, an attraction that drew many visitors who would make return trips and spread the word of their experience to others.

She brought leadership as the Director of the Seneca County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and as the innovator behind the memorable “Little Box Shops” downtown events. From carriage rides to trolley cars and special holiday weekend promotions, her impact covered many of the activities that are so special to us.

Why is this important? We have all benefitted from Carol and her dedication, like many others who put our community first. It is now up to us to appreciate those who make things happen for the rest of us to enjoy. We may not know it, but the things any of us do for Tiffin, good or bad, reflects on our community as a whole.

I felt fortunate to have known Carol. I encourage us all to follow Carol’s example by believing that whatever we do for our community, we help those around us in many direct and indirect ways.

Carol, we know you are now marketing a place far greater than here. Thank you for all you have done. Goodbye, Carol.

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