It seems like such a short time ago that I took my oath to serve as the State Representative for Ohio’s 88th House District. It is hard for me to believe we are now going to turn the page to a new year. I want to share some important accomplishments during my first year in office, as well as a few goals I hope to accomplish in 2016. 

In 2015, I was proud to support tax cuts that put nearly $1.9 billion back in Ohioans’ pockets and out of government coffers. These cuts brought income tax rates to their lowest levels in over 30 years and will encourage entrepreneurs to create jobs and grow our economy. 

I also supported efforts to curb the amount of phosphorus entering the Lake Erie watershed that accelerates the growth of these algal blooms to dangerous levels. Through strong leadership, we will continue to work to find solutions to this problem with the best scientific research and data available.

I believe that our kids are our hope and future, this is why I voted to put an additional $850 million into our K-12 school system. Preparing the next generations of leaders and problem solvers is among my highest priorities in office. That is also why I support our career-technical education pathways that give our students the skills they need to fill the new jobs we are creating.

In 2016, I will continue to work to make Ohio a better place for families and businesses. First and foremost on my agenda is to develop a top-notch workforce that can meet the demands of our modern, global economy.  Ohio is home to some of the most innovative and advanced industries in the world. We must train our workers not just for today’s jobs, but also for the jobs that are coming in future decades.

I will also focus on combating the drug epidemic currently facing our state. More Ohioans are dying from drug overdoses than any other cause. This is a problem that is tearing families and communities apart, and something that will take the combined efforts of everyone in the state to solve.

Finally, I want to encourage local citizens to engage tough issues and build stronger communities. Today’s model encourages kicking the can on difficult issues and letting someone else solve our problems. But I believe we can unite within our communities and tackle the tough obstacles right here at home. With strong leadership and active engagement from everyday citizens, we can create our own path forward to a better and brighter future.

I look forward to continuing to represent the people of the 88th House District this coming year and I will work diligently to accomplish these goals for our great state.

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