Rep. Kennedy Kent To Serve On Ohio House Legislative Panels
Will work with colleagues to help shape public policy  

Last month, I was honored to be appointed to the following Ohio House Committees during the 132nd General Assembly:

  • Community and Family Advancement

  • Criminal Justice

  • Health

  • Government Accountability and Oversight

I look forward to working with my colleagues to aid our communities and families in accelerating their opportunities and advancing their education and careers. 

With well over two million people incarcerated in America at an exorbitant cost, I plan to work diligently to try to reduce our state’s mass incarceration rate and help to create a more reasonable criminal justice system that protects everyone’s public safety equally.

In addition, I believe that all Ohioans deserve access to quality health care and a transparent and local government to ensure the unique needs of communities and individuals across the state are met.

The House of Representatives has 21 standing committees now after House Republicans slightly altered the committee structure for the 132nd General Assembly. The Judiciary Committee was split into two separate Criminal and Civil Justice Committees, committees on state and local government were consolidated, and two new committees were established: Aging & Long-Term Care and Federalism & Interstate Relations.

Committees are held any time before or after House floor sessions and are open to the public. House Finance Committee is generally broadcast live on the internet. The Ohio Senate recently announced they would begin to livestream additional standing committees, but the House has not yet indicated whether it will follow suit.

As always, I welcome your comments, questions and concerns regarding legislation that is important to you and your loved ones. 

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