Capital Investments Key To Growing Central Ohio Economy, Says Rep. Kennedy Kent
Lawmaker announces local projects included in state's capital budget

State Rep. Bernadine Kennedy Kent (D-Columbus) today reported the passage of House Bill (HB) 529, the state’s $2.6 billion biennial capital budget. HB 529 includes $600 million for K-12 school buildings, $514 million for local infrastructure projects, $483 million for public colleges and universities, $234 million for public areas and $350 million for local infrastructure projects funded through the Public Works Commission.

“Cultural institutions like the King Arts Complex, BalletMet and Poindexter Village are integral to the fabric of our communities. Investing in their future means investing in our own,” said Rep. Kennedy Kent. “These institutions are part of the reason so many people, businesses and organizations want to locate, raise their families and create jobs right here in Central Ohio.”

HB 529 contains more than $22 million in capital investments in the 25th House district, including nearly $2 million for the King Arts Complex, BalletMet and Poindexter Village. Other noteworthy district projects include renovations and updates to the Ohio State Fairgrounds, the Ohio Historical Society, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol Training Academy.

In addition, HB 529 includes more than $88 million for capital projects at The Ohio State University and Columbus State Community College. The state will also invest $112 million to improve and expand mental health and addiction service facilities. Lawmakers included $9.3 million as well for green space and recreation projects through the Department of Natural Resources and Department of Public Safety.  

Rep. Kennedy Kent also pushed for funding for the Heinzerling Community, Franklin County’s only 24/7 residential facility serving Central Ohio’s most medically fragile and developmentally disabled people. HB 529 includes capital funds to help the organization keep up with new mandates to better integrate disabled individuals into society. 

“Heinzerling is the only organization in the area specializing in the work they do,” said Kennedy Kent. “It’s important that we continue to invest in their long-term success, especially as these new mandates begin to set in.”

HB 529 is the result of months of work alongside local partners to identify community needs and develop targeted proposals for state investment. Projects funded through the capital bill must meet strict eligibility guidelines, which limit the type of projects that qualify.

“I am excited about all the investments being made to create jobs, better educate our children and improve the lives of those living, working and raising their families in the 25th House district,” added Kennedy Kent. “However, there are many community organizations who remain outside the loop when it comes to state funding, and we are working to figure out ways to mitigate that.”

The bill now goes to the governor to be signed into law.

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