Guest Column From State Representative Anthony DeVitis
Another State Budget Season Arrives, and What It Means to Summit County
February 25, 2015
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With the state budget having come to the Ohio House for evaluation, as it does every odd-numbered year, it is now time for my colleagues and I to go to work on this important legislation. With these bills, the General Assembly, with final approval from the governor, decides where the state’s funds will be best put to use. No legislation that we evaluate in the legislature is more important to the operation of the state government than the budget.

Every February during a budget year, the governor begins the process by releasing a proposed budget to the legislature and to the public. It is a good indication of the administration’s priorities during the new General Assembly and helps us when crafting our version in the House.

Now that Governor Kasich has released his proposal, it is up to the House to release our version. The entire biennial budget is usually split into several bills, generally handled by the Finance Committee.  While the majority of the work is done by this committee, all House members provide input on the bills and, in the end, have to approve them with a vote to move the process along.

Once the budget is approved in our chamber, it moves to the Ohio Senate for continued evaluation. We then vote on concurrence for the bills and send them to the governor for a signature. His option to veto the bills is all part of the system of checks and balances that keeps our government honest and ensures that all legislation is fully vetted by the different branches of the state government.

The funding of our schools is and has always been a major priority of mine since taking this office. Protecting the schools of Ohio House District 36 is imperative to the continued success of our area, and I will work to make sure our school districts are adequately funded in this year’s budget. Under the governor’s proposal, all of the schools I represent would see an increase in funding. I look forward to studying the legislation to see that the process by which these funds are being distributed is fair and balanced.

I hope to hear from you on this and any other state government related issues. Please contact my office at or call (614) 466-1790.

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