Drug addiction in the state of Ohio is a serious problem that many of our citizens face every day. As families deal with the tragic consequences of addiction, it is important that we counter its effects. In order to stop this trend, the Ohio House has been hard at work passing legislation that establishes restrictions on opioids and prescription drugs with the hopes of curtailing the epidemic.

House Bill 314 was signed by Governor Kasich in June. The legislation sets a framework for prescribers to speak with parents about the risks and dangers associated with potentially addictive controlled substances, and requires that the prescriber obtain parental consent before supplying these medications.  Failure of a prescriber to follow the regulations of this law could have their licenses suspended or be subject to fines. Parents and guardians need to be educated about the care that individuals in their care are receiving and the prescriptions that are entering their home.

Another way we can curb the opiate problem is by monitoring drugs that are being dispensed, which is what House Bill 341 aims to do. The Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System is a system that currently tracks the drugs that pharmacies distribute. This bill strengthens the OARRS system by requiring physicians to register for the system and sets requirements for registration of certain combination prescriptions that are leading cause of overdose fatalities in the Ohio.

Monitoring how these drugs are disposed of is important as well. House Bill 366 ensures that opiates in hospices are disposed of correctly in order to end the abuse of surplus substances. Under this bill, standards on retrieving unneeded controlled substances containing opioids are established, along with how to report instances to local law enforcement on unreturned substances.

Drug prevention and intervention is essential to fighting this deadly problem. These bills, along with others, work to stop the problem at various focal points. Addiction associated with these drugs has life-altering consequences and negatively impacts any community it touches. We must stay knowledgeable about this problem and continue to keep the discussion open. As a community we can empower those affected and be a champion for change in the battle against opioid abuse.

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