Our servicemen and women are some of the most cherished and well-respected citizens throughout the country, and Ohio is proud to be home to approximately 900,000 veterans. The transition of coming home and easing back into civilian life is often difficult for many veterans, which is why the Ohio House has recently passed legislation to assist with this process.

Signed by Governor Kasich in June, House Bill 85 became effective this month and it’s a bill that has garnered strong bipartisan support. The bill increases the amount of homestead exemption from 25,000 to 50,000 for totally and permanently disabled veterans. Previously, Ohio was one of only four states with no property tax relief system for veterans, and with this legislation, we can help our state to maintain the same fair and honorable standards met throughout the nation.

Enacted as a constitutional amendment by Ohioans since 1970, the homestead exemption has applied to senior citizens for many years. With House Bill 85’s new expansion to disabled veterans, the United States Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that approximately 8,000 disabled veterans living in Ohio, many of whom are unable to work, will meet the disability requirements in order to receive this tax exemption.

Additionally, House Bill 85 also specifies that if a veteran passes away while receiving the exemption, then the benefits will continue for surviving spousal partners who own and live in the home. Serving in our nation’s armed services is often an entire family commitment, and this exemption will honor this collective sacrifice. 

Another piece of legislation enacted this month that aims to ensure the success of veterans returning home is House Bill 488. This bill awards academic or vocational credit to veterans for military experience, as many of the dynamic skills acquired during service are applicable to future careers.

Our veterans have devoted their time, energy, and safety to serving our nation and it is Ohio’s responsibility to thank our service members for their dedication. House Bill 85 and House Bill 488 both provide support for veterans transitioning back to civilian life, which is a duty we owe to them that we must continue to honor and uphold. 

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