Ohio Legislature Holds Committee Hearing In Marietta On Legislation To Improve
HB 214 updates policies for water and sewer piping
April 08, 2016
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The Ohio House Energy and Natural Resources Committee held public testimony on House Bill 214 in Marietta Wednesday at Solvay Advanced Polymers. House Bill 214, sponsored by State Representative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta), would allow for local authorities to determine the most suitable piping material for constructing, developing, maintaining, rebuilding, or improving local water and sewer pipeline infrastructure.

Currently, many municipality ordinances restrict pipeline construction to specific materials that are often determined by individuals outside of the piping industry. House Bill 214 will allow the consideration of all materials, which will introduce competition and help the state and local communities to provide the best possible water infrastructure.

“At a time when municipalities across the country are struggling with the costs of replacing infrastructure and in some cases, confronting public health issues as a result, the passage of HB 214 would be particularly timely,” said Thompson.

During the hearing, legislators heard from local companies such as ProFusion Industries and other industry leaders in support of the legislation. The proponents testified that the project engineers in the field are the most qualified to select the most durable, efficient and cost effective materials that meet the engineering needs of the system design, which is what HB 214 aims to accomplish.

“One independent study presented to our committee showed that having real competition in the bidding process would generate a savings of more than $1 million per mile of pipe installed,” Thompson said. “That means that alternative suitable piping material options have really profound implications for the health of citizens and for our local coffers.”

Following testimony on HB 214, the committee members toured the Solvay Advanced Polymers facility located on State Route 7. The committee hearing was held in conjunction with the various State of the State events that took place throughout Marietta on Wednesday.

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