State Representative Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) has announced that the Ohio House of Representatives yesterday concurred on Senate changes to Substitute House Bill 72, legislation that aims to streamline and modernize the operations of county recorder offices.

As a former county recorder in Delaware County, Rep. Brenner’s six years in that office provided important insight on this legislation to ensure that the proper reforms were included.

The legislation, which Rep. Brenner sponsored, does the following:

• Modernizes terminology in the Revised Code to accurately reflect how the county recorder records and keeps instruments today. For example, recorders needed flexibility to keep records by computer and on other media, rather than only in record books and on paper.
• Requires that instruments presented for recording be kept in the county recorder’s general record series known as the “official records,” rather than in six separate sets of records. This will streamline processes and help cut costs.
• Eliminates obsolete fees for recording certain instruments manually or by typewriter, and requires a fee to be charged for recording notices of possessory interests in land. This is a common sense modernization.
• Eliminates a fine on any county recorder who records plats contrary to a municipal corporation’s plat laws.
• Allows the county recorder to dispose of paper versions of notices of recognizance liens and of their discharge if the county records commission revises the records retention and disposal schedule accordingly.
• Requires the county recorder to be included when the county auditor and county engineer adopt by written agreement standards governing conveyances of real property.

“As a former county recorder, I am confident that these changes will provide the flexibility recorders need to streamline their offices,” Rep. Brenner said. “By modernizing the code that affects these operations, we provide the opportunity for recorders to save taxpayer dollars and be more efficient.”

Sub. H.B. 72 passed unanimously.

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