COLUMBUS—State Representative Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) today applauded Governor John Kasich’s announcement regarding a plan to give $1 billion back to employers to enrich the economy while ensuring that Ohio’s workforce is safe, healthy and productive.

The proposal, known as “Another Billion Back,” which builds from last year’s “Billion Back” plan, provides a one-time rebate of $1 billion for private employers and public-taxing districts. The proposal would also increase BWC’s commitment to safety by up to $35 million over the next two years and would create several new initiatives to improve the safety, health and wellness of Ohio’s workforce.

"This is just more evidence that Governor Kasich is keeping his promises," Rep. Brenner said. "This is not the government's money; it belongs to the businesses and people who paid it. It should be returned, and I applaud what the governor is doing here. The BWC needs to take further steps to more accurately bill businesses rather than overcharging them.”

If approved by the BWC Board of Directors during their August meeting, employers could see rebate checks, which equal 60 percent of their annual premium, as early as October.

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