COLUMBUS—State Representative and Chair of the Ohio House Education and Career Readiness Committee Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) today announced that the committee will be taking a comprehensive look at enhancing the safety of students, teachers and faculty in Ohio’s schools.

In what will be introduced as placeholder legislation, the House Education Committee will hear testimony from experts in the field for developing best practices when it comes to keeping school buildings and activities safe from harm. Brenner looks forward to hearing from mental health professionals, law enforcement, school board members and other education professionals during committee.

“This is not a political issue; the children of this state are not political pawns. What happened in Florida and so many other schools could happen again in Ohio,” Brenner said. “As chairman of the education committee, my concern is protecting our students, teachers, employees and families when they are in our school buildings during the day or in afterschool activities. We are going to examine how we can better address mental and behavioral health within our school systems, identify potential threats before they happen instead of letting them slip through the cracks, and work together for buy-in on solutions that the experts believe will make a difference to protect everyone involved in education in Ohio.”

Potential future legislative proposals contained in the placeholder bill will be based on the ideas that are brought forward during the committee process.


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